There are mixed news stories regarding Andre Villas-Boas today depending on which newspaper or website you happen to read. In certain parts of the press, suggestions are being made that his appointment as Spurs manager is imminent while others claim that the Portuguese is about to rule himself out of the running.

AVB’s problem seems to be the fact that Spurs are alleged to still be looking at other candidates having spoken to him first. According to ‘sources’ he wants to know that he is wanted by the club as their first choice but that he is receiving mixed messages.

From a reporting point of view, it would actually be very welcome if an announcement were made as soon as possible. A potential reason for further delay could involve managers who have their minds on other things – Blanc at Euro 2012 for example.

While a definite appointment may still take some time, if you believe the stories than we will know the decision relating to AVB very shortly.



  1. this is tremendous news, the best news the club has received for weeks. Why we are even talking to the bloke is beyond me, he is a total clown with no experience whatsoever. It would have been the death of our club if he had got the job and spent our transfer budget on a load of dross. Would have set us back 5 years.
    As for who should come in?? They all look appalling to me apart from the standout candidate, David Moyes. But it seems we stupidly want to bring back a DOF, so Moyes wont happen. In that case the question has to be asked ….. Why sack HR if there is no better replacement???
    Whatever you think of HR, none on the list are any better than him. Surely one more year until say an Ancellotti becomes available would have been sensible, but we are Tottenham and we always shoot ourselves in the foot.
    But this is great news, AVB OUT !!!!

    • You can’t be a spurs fan Jim.
      With all the change our club is going to make in the next 3-5 years, a young coach is exactly what we need. AVB and Tim Sherwood would be perfect for us. Absolutely perfect.
      If we miss out on him because the board want to speak to Blanc, it will be a travesty.
      I put £10 on AVB to be the next spurs boss the day Capello quit, at 100-1, and i would happily give up my £1000 to see him appointed. We alrady have the players to suit his system, and if Luka goes, then he will be able to persuade Mouthinho to come and join us.
      Cant believe this is even a debate, whoever gets AVB next has themselves a young, hungry manager with something to prove.

    • your dumb avb is a good manager that can attract young plyers from abroad – moyes has won nothing and has everton playing crap football what players from abroad can moyes attract – that one reason spurs got rid of redknapp no players wanted to come join spurs with him in charge

  2. Just to help the challenged Spammer “Chim Chim Cher Woo June 21, 2012 at 1:42 pm
    “Is that right theirs so many walkers at White hart lane ”
    I think the cretin means “Is that right there’s ?”.Poor moron. In English it would be “Is it right that there ARE..?Keep posting and demonstrating your inadequacies Chimp. It brightens a dull day.

  3. Whatever getting sick of all this now, just go hive Arr’y a call he still unemployed. Oh and Chim Chim send me your address I feel like letting my frustration out cheers…….

    • I’ll send you a puncture kit for your blow up doll and stop putting Viagra in your eyes it makes ya think you look hard.

  4. I’d b glad if AVB negotiations ended, Why is everyone obsessed with it having to be a young manager, Age should have nothing to do with it, I want a manager with a proven track record. It should b the best man for the job now & not what potential they have.
    Levy look at their cv’s & hire the one who has been most successful. For me It’s Luis van gal he’s won trophies everywhere he’s been & is in a select band of the giants of football management Ferguson, mourinho, capello, lippi, hiddink, ancellotti,del bosque & guardiola. Van gal name sits easy in that list. Send a msg levy that we mean business hire. Van gal.

    • That is a good shout D Doc.
      I had almost (embarrassingly) Forgotten all about him, just looked up his record on the web and, national team aside, its fairly impressive.
      plus, he says ‘It’s a footballing philosophy more than a system. A system depends on the players you have. I played 4–3–3 with Ajax, 2–3–2–3 with Barcelona and I can play 4–4–2 with AZ. I’m flexible. The philosophy stays the same though. I don’t think that you can adapt it to every possible situation. You need the right mindset, and it depends on how the players see the coach and vice versa. The coach is the focal point of the team but you need to have an open mind, and so do all the players. Everyone needs to work together to achieve a common goal. Preparing your tactical formation is essential. Each player needs to know where he has to be, and that is why there needs to be mutual understanding because you need absolute discipline. This is a sport played by 22 men, and there are 11 opponents out there playing as a team. Each individual needs to know who he has to beat and be there to support his team-mates.”

  5. Lets get one thing straight here, IT’S ALL PAPER TALK and those fuckers have had issues with Spurs for years also all of the low class red tops and the daily fail are cock suckers to Redcrap and will do all they can to write even more crap about Spurs. I’m surprised at the Guardian though. It does not matter who us fans want in to manage the club, Daniel Levy and his board want to make the right decision this time and that’s the end of it, we dont have a say in the matter unfortunately. I dont have a problem with AVB. So what if he fucked up at Cheatski. It only means that he has a huge axe to grind if only to prove the English media wrong about him.
    A couple of people have mentioned Van gal in the ever widening list of candidates but he hasnt achieved a patch on what Capello has during his time at AC Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid, three of the biggest clubs in the World and I wonder if Van gal would have done any better as England boss.
    As for that arsehole masquerading as a spammer fan, we will be laughing at them at the end of the season as per usual.

  6. We don’t know for sure. But if it’s true that AVB is jumping and twisting on the touch line in frustration (like he did at cheatski) because Spurs are talking to other poetntial managers then he can get lost. Lets not forget that unlike most of the other candidates, he is out of work. As the old saying goes: beggars can’t be choosers!

  7. This is not the news of the day. They are reporting out in Spain that Barca has landed Bale for 40m. Just google it.

    • Its BS mate reports about Bale signing for barca come out of Spain everyday its just the press trying to help barca sign him!!

  8. If, again if, AVB has really said what he said, particularly the bit about selling Modric to Real Madrid, then I expect Levy to chop him from any list as he doesn’t like criticism. Of course, that pre-supposes that Levy is even talking to AVB….no-one really knows.

  9. am i the only fan getting really tired of levy – he is going to lose out on a good manger doing this – and still wont buy any players – it all a big wait and then dissapointment with this guy

  10. The control of the football side of the club is likely to be a sticking point with the prospective manager. Brendan Rodgers required and agreed, with Liverpool, that he would be given full control of football matters. AVB or another candidate would know this and demand the same control.This might be the reason we lost out on Rodgers, and the reason for the stalemate now! The proposed Levy structure is causing problems!


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