Transfer rumour does appear to have died down completely since Harry left but one player who won’t be coming to the club is Marvin Martin. The French midfielder who has appeared as a substitute at Euro 2012 was linked with the club as soon as Eden Hazard joined Chelsea but ironically, Martin is Hazard’s new replacement at Lille.

“I am very happy,” Martin said on Lille’s official website. “I wanted to sign for Lille because they are an ambitious club I have been interested in for a long time.

“You can talk about a real choice here, and I hope from all my heart that everything will go well.”

Looking at the player’s credentials didn’t exactly get anyone excited but if reports were true, Spurs were particularly keen on Martin. For now though, this is just one more to cross off the list.



  1. The only spurs target your be getting is the old caravan left on the set of bullseye, at least it will come in handy with king finished and your open top bus left in the last century. Move over spuds COYI!

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  3. im no suprise another target has gone we are leaving everything to late there’s so many players we were said to be after that have already been signed by other teams looking to strengthen there squads , why do we always leave things till the last minute come on levy start spending the cash or we will be left with the lower class players especially strikers to choose from.

  4. Levy should not have sacked Harry especially as he did not have a replacement ready to step in , what this means is he now has to spend all his time running around looking for an ideal replacement which means no time to look for new players because the new boss would have to approve of these signings. I can see a terrible season ahead with possibly the top six teams improving and spurs going backwards , Levy should bite his lip and call harry back so he can carry on what he started.

  5. come on you spuds……come on you spuds
    silly question…..why do the spuds have a waiting list for season tickets that number in there 10’s of thosands?
    ……. all knobs…small club


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