Despite having been installed as the immediate favourite for the Spurs job once Harry had departed, Everton boss David Moyes claims there has been no contact from the club. It had been thought in some areas that the Scot was Daniel Levy’s number one target but according to the man himself, the club has made no attempt to contact him.

“All I can say is there has been no contact from Spurs. There has been no contact and that is how it is. I’m the Everton manager,” Moyes said on Talksport.

It’s difficult at times to pick the truth from the gossip but this would seem to suggest that Spurs have no interest in Moyes whatsoever. Alternatively, we’ve seen other clubs run down a list in the past and then claim that the man they finally appointed was always their first choice.

Are Spurs right to ignore David Moyes’ credentials or would you expect some contact further down the line?



  1. Just don’t see Levy going for him.
    I was so optimistic when we sacked Harry, I thought we would move quickly for a change, get a new man in (whom i assumed Levy had already identified), finally confirm the Vertonghen signing, and look at moving on 1 or 2 more.
    Now, however, I am starting to get rather nervous.
    We are (as usual), dragging our heels when others appear to be making their moves early.
    I know people will say about the tough family issues Daniel Levy is going through, and i wouldn’t wish that on anybody. I have also always backed Levy, and said he is a good chairman for our club.
    Now, though, as i say, i am starting to panic. We appear to be no closer to employing someone, and i cant see anything being done for another 2 weeks at best.
    I hope i am proved wrong on this, as like all of us, will support this club no matter what.
    I see now people are making serious noises that Jurgen may have been approached. As you can tell by my name, i love the bloke, he was/is an absolute hero. But his club manager record is poor to say the least.
    Ahhhhh spurs, never a dull moment.

  2. cannot believe Moyes hasnt been approached, anyone but him being our main target is just stupid in my opinion. Harry has laid the foundations for a younger coach to come in and take us to the next level and with Moyes’ experience at this level and the fantastic job he’s done at Everton with next to no money surely has to be a contender. Levy has confused me by first giving Harry the boot and now showing us fans that he clearly didnt have a back up plan. This stinks of Martin Jol all over again and im expecting a mediocre foreign appointment to come in struggle with the job…..yes im worried!

  3. I have a feeling that plan A has not said yes, and possibly plan B is not interested. As usual, plan C is who we will eventually settle for, and he but not us will be absolutely delighted at the job. We are a bit lofty on ourselves at times, but if there is a time to strike iron while it’s hot, its now with this squad.


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