After Kevin and Joe left the club yesterday it seems that everyone is waiting for Sunday and an announcement that Andre Villas-Boas will be joining Spurs as our next permanent manager. Under the terms of AVB’s firing from Chelsea, he isn’t entitled to take up a new post until July 01st, at which point the press seem to think the deal will be done.

Some parts of the media have gone a stage further and have identified the player who Villas-Boas will hunt as his first signing.

Joao Moutinho is well-known to AVB having played under him at Porto and his 48 caps for Portugal have included an impressive display at Euro 2012. Prices quoted in the press however range from £25m to around £32m – the top end of the scale being far more than we may get for Luka Modric so is this a likely scalp?

In the goalscoring stakes, Moutinho is more of a Modric than a Sigurdsson but then again, that isn’t really his job.

It might seem unlikely but if proposed target Nuri Sahin stays at Real Madrid, maybe it’s true or maybe the papers are just making an assumption based on the potential appointment of Villas-Boas



  1. I’m not sure about this one.
    would be happy if we get him as his work rate is up there with the best, he will know the system and lets be honest, he’s quality.
    Think he may be out of our price range though.

    • Exactly. Still keep throwing this name about but Jordy Clasie should be looked at. 20 year old Dutch playmaker making waves for Feyenoord with a high work rate. Made this year’s Eredivisie XI alongside Vertonghen. Plus not an expensive acquisition as far as I can see…

      In reality we only have Livermore and Huddlestone, one not quite being there as a playmaker and the other returning from injury…bit dangerous not to have an established or at least recognised playmaker.

  2. Joao Moutinho is the type of player spurs should be trying to sign we would’nt have to wait for him to develope into a good player as he already is a top quality player . Daniel Levy has said he wants to take the club forward so we need the players who have that quality to get us there , developing players takes time and can be done in the back ground so we need the players who are going to take us to the top now lets spend big for once and put faith in AVB.

  3. cant understand what has changed since last week. Everyone reckons avb is a shoe in. I wont believe til its announced. But things are finally looking up for us yids bale new contract some fringe players moved on fulham wanting bently are they crazy? Vert deal just bout finished Sig pretty much signed. There is a lot to be happy bout. Hope we get this Portuguese lad looked decent at the euros and 2 new strikers are a must

  4. Joao Mouthino is basically a younger and better version of Modric- AVB tried to bring him in at Chelsea but it didnt work out. He should be the type of player we should be going for. However, i think we need to make sure we get the best out of the Modric deal- apparently Sahin wants to stay- who can blame him- im sure he wants his dream move to Madrid to last more than a year so who else at Madrid could we do with- this may sound silly- but we want a striker- why dont we swap Modric for Higuain- AVB likes him and he is the WORLD CLASS striker we have all been waiting for- he didnt get played much last season due to Benzema’s form- and we would basically get a world class striker without spending a penny on the transfer fee. Obviously we are not in the CL so it would be quite hard to convince him to come but there is no harm in trying- there is no way we will ever be able to outrightly buy a world class striker but i mean if we loose one of our best players to gain the striker we have all been waiting for then its worth it. Modric will be a big loss but not something we cant replace- Mouthino is an example, and we still have Huddlestone at the club so if we can, we should try and make getting at least one world class striker and Adebayor our main priority.

  5. Honestly, I would rather get Mods to commit. Pay him 100,000 a week to do it. It will still save us in the end with all these transfer fees, and we know we have a sure thing in Mods. Bringing in any other player, proven or unproven with great potential is still a risk. We have a team that can challenge now, we need to keep our best players. Arsenal, Chelsea and ManU have upped the ante this summer tremendously. They are not shooting for top 4 anymore, looks like they are all shooting for #1. You know City isn’t going to sit pretty either. This is a fine line we are walking right now. If there are signs on the field that we are still behind, our best players WILL leave. We need to show our ambition now.


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