Russian international Alan Dzagoev is the latest player to be linked with a move to Spurs in this transfer window but unlike many of the current rumours, there appears to be some substance to this, with claims that an offer has been made. Dzagoev’s father and agent states that bids have been received for his son in recent days.

“I don’t know if he will stay at CSKA,” Tariel Dzagoev said. “There are offers – from Spurs and other clubs.”

The 22 year old shone at Euro 2012 and was joint leading scorer in the race for the Golden Boot – an award he may well have won on his own had it not been for Russia’s surprise elimination at the group stages.

However, Dzagoev senior suggests that for now, there is no rush to leave Moscow and cited the previous experience of Yury Zhirkov as a warning.

“But I tell him not to hurry. Yury Zhirkov ran off to Chelsea and sat on the bench,” he added.

Dzagoev looks a seriously good prospect but at this stage might just be a possible alternative, should a deal for Gylfi Sigurdsson fall through.




  1. He might fit in as part of the three midfielder triangle, if Modric leaves, one DM and two playmakers (Sandro, Sigurdsson and Dzagoev)…although he was playing on the wing for Russia so maybe he’ll rotate between midfield and Lennon’s position. Pretty lethal from out wide and arriving into the box late.

  2. We’re about to be linked with every player out there.
    It wont be too long till we’re ‘supposedly’ bringing in Hulk andd Falcao as they both loved AVB.
    I wont believe we have signed anyone till i see them at the Lane, holding the shirt with their new squad number on.
    Personally, i wouldn’t want to spend the money quoted on Alan Dzagoev, as Russians don’t have the best track record of making it in the prem.
    I would rather get J.Mouthinho in 🙂
    But, as i said, i wont believe anything till i see it, we’ve been here too many times before with Spurs…..’spurs are signing schevchenko’, wasn’t that the year we signed Rebrov??!!??!!?!

  3. looks a real player with a great strike on him – with avb as manger spurs will play 4 3 3 parker sandro modric ? in the middle and bale left forward a striker and dzagoev as right forward he plays best there anyway and van der vaart is not moble enough to play there – hope this one happens

  4. Mr Levy,

    I have been banging your drum all month, telling people to relax, the man got it under control and so forth.
    Where is our new manager?
    Where is Vertonghen?
    What about Modric? (hopefully real for 35m+)
    The only recent statement from the club has been about Joe Jordan leaving aswell. Not really a surprise.
    Talk to us, please…..



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