Spurs have announced on their official website that highly rated defender Steven Caulker has signed a new deal at the club that will take him up to 2016.

Just before the Harry Redknapp rumours broke on Twitter, there were suggestions on the same networking site that Caulker might be following Swansea boss Brendan Rodgers to Liverpool. However, as the Harry stories took over, the rumours over Steven’s future disappeared.

This will be another welcome piece of news for Spurs fans in a very busy week for the club. Caulker impressed on loan at the Liberty Stadium last season and therefore underlined his premier league credentials. The question now is whether another loan spell is imminent or perhaps the central defender will get the chance to make his mark at White Hart Lane in 2012-13.



  1. Yes.
    Not 1st choice, but he will get game time in the cups and europa league.
    Personally, i’d say he will be above Dawson in terms of replacing either Kaboul, and (hopefully) Vertonghen should either get injured.
    Caulker has a BIG future in the game.

  2. Absolutely Yes !!! Why would you even ask that question ? With King on his last legs, Gallas over the hill, Nelson gone, Dawson injury prone, who else do we have to play with Kaboul and CB. Vertonghen will happen, but In Caulker we have a great talent who was outstanding for another premiership team last season. He is developing on cue, and Spurs really should be making him compete with Kaboul for that Berth alonside Vertonghen. He has just signed a 4 yr contract, let him earn it, it’s not as if he’s 17 or 18.

  3. Caulker never said he wanted to be anywhere other than Spurs. Even when he was on loan at Swansea his words were all about him.hoping to make the Spurs squad for this season. So not surprised that he extended his contract. This boy will be the third top class centre half Spurs unearthed following the judas and The King. Well done once more Mr levy.

  4. Hopefully not…. He should go back to Swans for another season. UNLESS AVB wants to play him 30 times for Spurs….Which I doubt, so it is back off on loan. 30 Swansea apps are much better for him than 5 league apps and 6 Cup apps for Spurs.

  5. He will get plenty of game time with Spurs this season both in cup and league. There will be plenty of opportunity for this as we will suffer injury and loss of form/suspensins as we do every season so to only have Kab/Daws & Vert would be suicide. King I believe will retire to a coaching roll or perhaps player/coach but will only be available in emergency and Gallas will move across London IMO. So Caulker will get time to impress at the lane and is following nicely the way Walker did and to a lesser extent Naughton who I also think will be in our squad this year. Tim Sherwood has already stated that AVB and DL want youngsters coming through which is why some loan deals such as Kane to Millwall for example have been refused.

  6. you’ve got to remember, caulkers 20, king was 21 when he broke though. in the 2001/02 we had richards/perry, with king bunjecvic docherty gardner covering. we now have kaboul/vertoghen(?) with dawson gallas/king AND DONT FORGET UVINI. I reckon we need him, we need that depth and he needs to bond with the defenders

  7. Play or loan, he needs game time to progress. Think it will depend on fitness of others, particulaly if we get the Belgium.

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  8. Love how the scum have gone back in their holes now one of their 2 goods players wants to leave heheheee great times


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