The rumour mill has gone into overdrive today over one player: Porto’s Hulk has been linked with both Spurs and Chelsea with even some of the bigger and more established websites claiming that Tottenham were looking at a bid for the Brazilian striker.

This all seemed to be based on a single photograph of the player with his former boss Andre Villas-Boas. Was there any motive behind it or did AVB take the opportunity to meet up with an old friend – as most people seem to think.

In any event, a second photo has appeared with Hulk and compatriot Oscar decked out in Chelsea shirts. Who knows if that has any meaning? We’ll soon find out…



  1. Please, please tell me you’re not referring to the picture of Hulk and Oscar in Chelsea shirts on talksport. You know, where Oscar is an Oscar statue and Hulk is, well, green. Because if your article genuinely is based on that picture, I think I can safely answer your final question with “It has no meaning. At all.”

  2. Did you even look at Talksports photo of Hulk and Oscar wearing Chelsea shirts? I think you should take a look, rather than read a headline and maybe change this blog?

  3. The article was a joke the fact that Chelsea will sign them both isn’t. Man City and Chelsea will be formidable next season. We will be fighting it out with Man Utd / Arsenal and Newcastle for 3rd and 4th

  4. If there is any truth regards to the story behind the picture of AVB and Hulk together it will be the most obvious tapping in history of football…


  5. your an idiot, the supposed photo of them in kits is a talksport joke… how desperate for material to write on are you?

    Why don’t you write articles on spurs and not rumours or at least get your facts right

  6. hahahahaha no a second photo of them hasnt been shown of them in chelsea shirts…. it is a photo of an ‘oscar’ (you know, film award) and THE incredible hulk in chelsea shirts…. at least look properly at articles you are copying hahahaha

  7. you should do your homework about the photo’s,the avb with hulk is a photoshoped fake and the other a photo of an oscar winner trophy and a cartoon incredible hulk in chelsea tops lol….

  8. I just had a thought.
    Adverts are priced on the number of ‘clicks’ on the website.
    So, now I feel really cheated by the people, who are said to support the same club as I do….
    This stinks……


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