Much of the media is expecting an announcement on Luka Modric to Real Madrid in the next few days and they also anticipate a replacement to be installed at the Lane shortly afterwards.

Alternatives to Joao Moutinho, whose fee is thought to exceed £30m are also being suggested and one of the more interesting of these is Malaga winger Santi Cazorla.

The 27 year old Spanish international played a grand total of 16 minutes in two games at Euro 2012 but he does have 45 international caps to his name, scoring six times. He can play on either flank but as a winger, he’s not exactly a direct replacement for Luka – more of a threat to Aaron on the right.

Cazorla only joined Malaga last season, costing 22m euros but it’s thought that there may be a disagreement over unpaid wages – a theory that’s supposedly put a number of Premiership teams, including Spurs, on alert.



  1. where wud he play we got bale and lennon ? if we lose modric we wud need a player that can pass the ball and be a playmaker i dont think he wud be the rite player for us

  2. Forget Cazorla & moutinho and lets gets Ganso , This creative attacking midfielder is just brilliant , hopefully you will be able to see him play against England in tonights friendly , its been said in the press today that Arsenal are after him, but he needs to be at a club with a tradition for skillful football like Spurs , Chelsea have beaten us for Oscar & possibly Hulk Man U are after Lucas Moura and it looks like AC Milan are going to beat us to the signature of Leandro Damiao so lets get Ganso i know we wont regret it .

  3. Spurs seem to have forgotten one very important thing we should have signed a top prolific striker by now we are going to need a goalscorer so lets get a move on .

  4. I think Hulk will go to Chelski just because of champions league football but it would be good if we could get him or Leandro.

  5. Hulk would be the most frustrating player in our squad if we get him, would be like Ginola again, not that that’s a bad thing, just would be class on his day, worse than a man down on his off days……

      • Hulk ain’t all that good! Messi, iniesta are literally 3 times as good as Hulk, so no, but, consider the pull of AVB, and the possible signing of Moutinho, and why not?!
        What are you, a gooner?! if so, then you’re just jealous that you ain’t signing anyone half decent this year, so jog on!!

  6. Berbatov could be a good buy because his goalscoring rate is still very good have a look on wikipedia he has scored goals in nearly half of all the games he has played , he might be a bit slow but he has a very good speed of thought and for 5 million could be a bargin. Another thing i dont like the idea of spending 12 million on a goalkeeper half of that money could go towards buying a striker.

    • There’s a outside chance AVB might give Gomes another go…If he messes up, Friedel will have to replace him though !

  7. I’d have him in a heartbeat!
    We still need a proper striker though, ade isn’t good eniugh to be a main striker and if he gets injured we have nobody! (defoe cant play as a lone striker)

  8. the only players youl get will be the ones that the champs league team dont vertonghen.AKA vermalaens back up

    • Yeah like you even believe that yourself you plank.What are you even doing on here anyways……hows about you just fuck off you twanny.

        • We want you to stay, we want you stay….arsene wenger, we want you to stay!!!
          Us delusional?! phahahahaha!

          sell all your stars, reinvest nothing, and expect top 4?!
          You’ll be lucky to get top 5 this year pal.

          If we don’t finish above you this year, I will genuinely turn up at emirates on the last day of the season, fully kitted out in my Spurs gear, with 5 dozen egg’s and let 60 lucky gooners take a shot each…honestly I will.

        • lloris said the wants to go to spurs muppet and why cant we get a player like ganso we have world class players already modric bale van der vaart so why not one more idiot you think arsenal are miles ahead you prick you only finished 1 piont ahead and that was because of a shit keeper – whitout van persie ye would of finished 10th – we will see how the one man team get on without rvp this year

  9. Arsenal may have survived losing their best players before but this time you won’t be so lucky. AVB has the desire to win something your manager seems to have lost 8 years ago.


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