The longer the Emmanuel Adebayor transfer saga rumbles on, the stronger the likelihood of Spurs looking elsewhere for strike power ahead of the new season.

One of our alleged ongoing targets, Marseille striker Loic Remy, has spoken today about his future and while he claims that he is committed to his current club, he admits that plenty could still happen before the transfer window is closed.

“I have a contract with Marseille but if the club wants to sell you, there is nothing you can do about that,” Remy said.

“The window closes on 31 August, so we have plenty of time.”

Remy was thought to be a target for the club since the days of Harry Redknapp but could AVB turn to the Frenchman as an alternative to Ade?



    • Agreed Helen, I do not think Remy the right man to spearhead us in AVBs 433, tbh I am not mad keen on Ade either but I think it is gonna be a case of needs must this summer. What we dont want is a panic buy like bloody raziak. With regard to Remy, Top player, if we do sign him and stick him on the right instead of Lennon, I’d be totally thrilled. He is a player I rate, he looks an excellent team player and it seems like he has got plenty to talent to spare whenever I have watched him in ligue 1, I think that once he makes the step up he will prove to be a class act.

  1. Remy would compliment Ade – to sign both would be good. We need to sign big if AVB is to succeed. Remember less than 3rd will be a failure. Lets get the new signings in quick so they can play together in frinds and we can hit the road running when we travel to Newcastle for our first premier league match of the season.

  2. I’d like to sign both — or at least we will need cover at RM and if that person could play either side (LM/RM) even better. I don’t trust Lennon to stay uninjured for more than half a season and even if he did it wouldn’t hurt to have competition.

    Comberspur, I don’t think less than 3rd is failure — I’d say less than 5th. New managers, new players, changing (to some degree) they way the team plays — it could take time to set and this might be an adjustment season. Even with that, though, less than 5th would hurt.

  3. i like look of remy but i hope adebayor can agree a deal and hope avb can talk hulk in a deal then want levy to get moutinho or ganso and then as soon as damiao up for sale get him 2, we need to slash some cash


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