The proposed transfer of Luka Modric to Real Madrid isn’t the only move that seems to have dragged on for the whole of the summer window to date. Two weeks ago, former Real loanee Emmanuel Adebayor was reported to be on the verge of a permanent deal to Spurs after stories that Tottenham had agreed a fee with his parent club Manchester City.

Few Spurs fans would have expected the issue of personal terms to be straightforward however and as the start of 2012-13 looms, this particular transfer seems no nearer to a conclusion.

There was always going to be the problem of the player’s wages but it was claimed that this particular issue was being dealt with by way of a substantial signing on fee.

The saga still rumbled on however, and reports in the media today suggest that the striker is demanding the entire £5m transfer fee in order to further subsidise a drop in wages.

This may be paper talk of course but with Spurs’ striking options limited to say the least, is it time to move on and look elsewhere?



  1. Ade on loan with City paying most of his wages had no risk attached.
    Getting him on a long term contract with us paying a fee and his wages is quite a different scenario for Levy.
    Before he joined on loan there were plenty of questions about his mentality and while he did a good professional job for us last year some of those questions probably remain

  2. Pull the plug and thank him for his contribution last season. The reason is we need to get the striker situation sorted and not let it drag on until the 3rd game of the season. Whoever comes in needs to bed themselves into the team before the Newcastle game. We cannot only have Defoe and Kane or it could be a very disastrous start to the campaign and if the window closes we will be stuffed until January at least.

  3. Adebayor is an overrated player who misses so many chances to score. He is offside far too often. His form is inconsistent.

    Spurs have had far better strikers in the past like Gary Lineker, Jurgen Klinssman, Clive Allen, Dimitar Berbatov, Teddy Sheringham, Jimmy Greaves, Martin Chivers, Bobby Smith.

    He is nothing compared to any of them. Spurs should be aiming far higher to get a proper goal scorer.

    • Matt, I respect your opinion but I thought he worked his little butt off for us last season. He is less offside than Defoe and works the channels better too. He also had three or four goals disallowed from questionable decisions. The strikers you named all “worked” in pairs where as Ade is very effective solo. I do agree he does miss a few but then name me a striker who doesn’t.

      • There were some games where Adebayor ran around alot. Often he was running into all the wrong areas like the left wing where he couldn’t threaten the opposition goal. His best game was when he played for the first time up front with Saha. He seemed motivated for that one. There were many games when he went missing and was embarassing to watch.

        Clive Allen played on his own up front for Spurs. He was the lone striker. He scored 49 goals in one season.

        • Can’t believe I am commenting on a Spurs website, but I agree with Mr. Crossing above. Following Ade from his time at Arsenal has been maddening. On his day, and when he wants, he is almost like a Drogba. But he simultaneously led the league in offsides for Tottenham last season, and for Arsenal in 07-08. Also, he led the league in loss of possession for both clubs in those seasons. Think about that! When he is out for a new contract, he tries harder than when he has just signed one, his form for Arsenal became incredibly jaded after a protracted attempt to sign for Milan fell through. This was before van Persie was van Persie, so it really hurt Arsenal’s subsequent campaign. I thought that when he moved to City, as the highest paid (until Yaya!) player in the EPL, that he would be happy and we would finally see him emerge. But his shit attitude got him booted from City, then Madrid declined to retain his loan, and after a breakout performance for Tottenham in which he looked fantastic, we now learn that he is trying to extort City for the entirety of the transfer fee to be paid to him personally! Such a frustrating player.

  4. Whilst Ade did a good job for us last season and is generally considered by all as a better player than any we’ve had since Berba, it is perhaps time to call it a day. Greed has taken over common sense it would appear. If he can get more elswhere then so be it. All we humble fans are asking the board to do IS GET US A F**KING STRIKER OR TWO NOW, WELL BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS IN ORDER TO GET THEM BEDDED TO OUR SYSTEM BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE AND WE’RE LEFT BEHIND IN THE STALLS WHEN OTHER FANCIED RUNNERS ARE AWAY IN THE DISTANCE.

  5. Totally agree with Matt and Mark.
    Ade did a job for us last term, but he is hardly a Lineker or a klinssman and if we are going to be a consistant CL side we need a proper pair of strikers who can do the job. Not someone who might manage about 15 league goals and perhaps a couple in the cup.

  6. WOW WOW WOW!!. How fickle is everyone. People read reports the hacks write and all of a sudden Ade is greedy, useless, and overrated. Here is the truth:
    1) Ade did a splendid job for us last season.
    2) All three parties involved want a deal do be struck (Citeh, Ade +Us)
    3) No body knows what is going on apart from the parties mentioned.
    4) Its the right of the parties involved to have their own agendas and wishes
    5) This is not Playstation/Football manger – its a lot more complicated and drawn out.

    Ade, for me, will be the single most important signing this summer. He is already bedded in. Watching the US games, it in already clear that his services and attributes on the field are going to be very important over the course of the season.

    But he can not and will not be the only CF we bring in. Lets just wait and see. It is unfair for people to base their opinions and judgements on the on the bullshit the the “media” spew on us.

  7. Give it up as a bad loss and move on quickly please Mr. Levy & Co. Why are we concentrating all our efforts on a goalkeeper when its clearly prolific goalscorers we did. Say thank you for last season Mr. Adebayor and move on to somebody else maybe Loic Remy/Demba Ba/Victor Moses/Peter Odemwinge – basically a goalscorer – why not try to get Andy Carroll on loan if Liverpool are that that keen to off load him. And while you’re at it Mr.Levy put an end to this Modric saga, or else he’ll be another Berbatov, if he wants to leave sell him and move on.

  8. It proves the point, this excessive wage nonsense always comes back to haunt the perpetrator,in this case Man City.
    It eradicates the resale value for starters. As for Adebayor,with his suspect temperament, we don’t need history repeating itself. No let him sit in the stands at the Etihad. Ditch him and lets move on.

    • Agree. I don’t think there will be any club that will take him on terms he is alleged to have put forward or at the present wage. He is not that hot!!

  9. To me just misses to many chances. Even Earnshaw would have scored boat loads with the amount of chances ade had last year. He doesnt even link up play that well. As much as Berbe is scum he is just better at the job than ade for less wages. I say good riddance to both and if we going to pay crazy wages rather go for Dzecko.

  10. GET BERBATOV NOW !!!!!!!!!! HE IS A MORE PROVEN PLAYER THAN ADE AND AT £5,000,000 HE`S A BETTER CHOICE THAN THAT GREEDY PLONKER ADE .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. I think this deal well get down and too, our liking fianacially as City desperatly wants Ade off the wage bill. Levy is just working his magic, which he can do with ade who would fit in quickly. But if we get him permantly, will he be the same player as he was last year. I don`t know, his history tells me no, but in Levy I trust! I just hope we get another new striker in quickly!

  12. I agree Berbatov is the one he was great for us before, I dont think united played him correctly, play him as the target man and he brings others into the game and scores on a regular basis, and all for 5mil, a 27 mil profit Im sure levy would like that sort of business


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