In amongst the media frenzy that led up to the closing of the transfer window on Friday, news of the Europa League and Capital One Cup draws was almost lost amongst the gossip and rumour.

As we all know, the club has been drawn away to Carlisle in the Cup while Lazio, Panathinaikos and Maribor await in the Europa League. That’s a tough draw in Europe but how should Spurs approach the competition?

We all remember last year when we fielded a mixture of youth and fringe players, while introducing the odd first team player – Modric etc – when things started to look desperate. We failed to progress but players such as Harry Kane and Tom Carroll will have benefitted from the experience.

If AVB uses the same approach, he has players such as Dawson and Hudd to call upon but the lack of striking depth could be an issue if he goes down this route.

Despite the tough opposition, Spurs are favourites to progress from that group and most bookmakers have them as joint 14/1 second-favourites to win the whole thing. They must have faith that we can do it so should we be going for the win?

The same question applies to the Capital One Cup – should we field the best side possible and go for the trophy or is a similar approach to last season the better option?



  1. No point in trying to win it unless you get far in it – i.e by not trying too hard. It would detract far too much from league form. I would initially use it to get an acceptable performance from the lads, so I would play full team in it – initially – also to work in Dempsey and Dembele. Once we get going, then I would drop in Caulker, Huddlestone, alas Bentley, Falque, Naughton, Carroll – to give those guys more experience. Possibly some others too – like Mason. If we start to get to knockout phase, then we bring some more seniors back in. Why do people think it is worth gambling all on a competition like this?

    • you forgot caulibally, this guy was made for games like this, every season someone comes into these games and makes a name for themselves, this time its cauliballys turn

  2. Well now that we have such a big squad and I believe cover in all positions? I agree with NedYid – take everything serious this year so everyone understands the new roles and system they are being asked to play

    I also believe our under 21s should be coached to the same methods as the first team – this is how ManU kept rolling players through

    Finally – last year when we were on a role – the philosphy was to rest the best players for the weekend league fixture – then we lost!! Dont pay money to watch if we only think we have enough players for a Saturday – then I wil lonly go on Saturdays and to the reseveres!!

    PS: Booh Boys and you know who you are – Go and support Arsenal – we are envyed by all clubs as being the best singers on travel – and you deal up that crap so other temas laugh at us


  3. Looking back over our first 3 games of the season, I would say we ABSOLUTELY MUST field our strongest teams in all competitions, because so far we`ve been total garbage!!!! AVB might go a long way to keeping his job if we win some trophy or other, and the top priority is CL football for next season, so really the need to get our strongest team finally starting to play some decent football is a must!!!

  4. With complete respect! The last 3 rounds of last season’s Europa were considerably more exciting games than in the champs league….would have been great to have been a part of that…

  5. I think a team along the lines of
    Naughton… Caulker… Dawson… Bae
    Livermore… Carroll…. Sigurdson
    Dempsey… Defoe/adebayor.. Townsend

    This should be enough to Get through to the next stage of the competition and allow a few of our fringe and new players time on the pitch to gel. There is plenty of goals and creativity in that team

  6. You need to remember also that most players want to experience european football and therefore the first team will want play too.

    Intergrate a few kids and use some of tge fring players but i dont want to see a complete change to the team and for us to try and win it.


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