It’s not usually the done thing on here to blame the referee for the result – it’s the sort of thing that you like to leave for the club on the other side of town but last night’s 0-0 draw at home to Lazio was pretty ridiculous.
If Clint Dempsey were voting here, he would probably argue that his goal was the most obvious,
“I thought I was level with the line, it was a good ball from Bale and as it went in I thought I’d opened my account but it was waved offside,” he said.
Defoe’s tap in from Bale’s cross was maybe marginal but Caulker’s headed effort was as clear a goal as the first one.
Over to you – which of the three should have stood?

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  1. So Easy for The Experts ? to run a great cup match down,I
    wonder what level of Football they Played ? Lazio would not surrender to even Champions Lge. clubs. having watched
    the Liverpool game & then spurs,talk about Chalk&Cheese,yes a good performance from 3 or 4 young
    lads,but “Young Boys” or was it “Old Boys were Awful!!
    Our Ref,should have sent 1 or 2 Lazio players off,Dempsey&
    Caulker goals perfect!! Perhaps Bertasconi aill invite him
    (Referee)to his next Party ?

    • that ref and officials need glasses.we were the better team and got robbed.2 good goals denied,outplayed them.i wonder if platini heard the monkey chants

  2. defiantly the caulker “push” ref was shocking! Some positives. Lloris is class and commands his box and deals with corners exceptionally well! Vertonghen is a beast at the back Naughton is better than benny. Lennon embraced being captain the only thing he did wrong was not shooting but his all round play and tracking back was class! Sandro and dembele is and exciting partnership they seem to be on the same wave length allready just imagine what they will be like in another 4-5 games! Caulker was very good only think i see him make one mistake! Finally the players are starting to get the hang of AVB’s System.. Only one Negative and that was Walker gave the ball away far to often…….. COYS!!

    • We submitted at same time and said much the same things! Although I spotted more than one mistake from Caulker but it is going to happen until he has a few more apps.

  3. For once I agree with Andy Townsend (shock horror) – Let’s face facts – bad decisions or not, a draw was a fair result. The results are less important than the level of performance right now. If you perform well, the results WILL come. No point in blaming the ref as it is all sour grapes. Lazio had their moments. The most promising thing is Dembele and Sandro do not just sit. They have license to dart forward as long as the other sits. They take turns and both have the ability to burst forward. Lloris looked incredibly in control. Lennon is not the most obvious captain, but seemed to step up responsibility. He just should not be afraid to shoot. Naughton not looking out of place. Quite a memorable debut for Mason, wasn’t it?

    • It was far too marginal to judge. We should all let the Dempsey one go. Caulker’s arm was in the neck of the defender. You do that, you are asking the ref to penalise you. You give the ref a cop out. If we scored, perhaps Lazio would have come to life and equalised anyway. You can see that they came for a point with a view to nicking it. It was destined to be a draw anyway.

  4. The Dempsey “goal” was not the ref but the linesman and I don’t blame either official for not giving it. It was marginal and in real time looked offside. On;t freeze frame showed it was onside.

    The Defoe “goal” was clearly offside and it was the right decision.

    The Caulker “goal” should have stood and I find it amazing how the referee, who must have been aware of the Lazio persistent fouling, managed to see a no existent foul by Caulker. In fact, he was being held himself.

    Another bad decision, in my opinion, was not awarding a penalty for a barge on Lennon. Although shoulder to shoulder contact is legal, “deliberate barging” is not. Also the contact was from behind and was on the rear of Lennon’s shoulder and sent him sprawling. To me, a clear penalty.

    • Disagree !! Lennon went down a little too easily. Officials did not do too badly, just a little inconsistent for both sides. Caulker’s goal being disallowed was a mystery but we have far worse than the decisions last night!

      Still feels as though we are lacking a spark in the middle of midfield. Modric has not been replaced by Dembele! Not in the same class unfortunately!

  5. the officials were right in Dempsey & Defoe decisions, but not in Caulker goal.
    there were other poor decisions like the 1st half finished 20 seconds before the original 45 mins, it is possible the time on TV is wrong, but it can’t be difference of 20 seconds, specailly the gane stopedd several times, the added in 2nd half 3 mins.. Lazio were about to use their last subs to waste it, the player was ready before Naughton injury, yet they didn’t confirm it until Naughton finished his recovery,that was a waste of more than 2 mins in added time, yet it finished around 93:30 .. Does the referee was in hurry to home or bathroom ? or worked for Lazio favour ?!

  6. I was in line with the 6 yard box last night for Dempsey’s goal and my initial impression was that it was a mile offside. No-one around me was complaining about the the decision so I’ve got a bit (not much!) of sympathy for the linesman. As for Caulker’s goal – even from where I was sitting you could see he was being fouled.

  7. AVB is quietly transforming The Spurs into a very good looking outfit. Yes we had some moments under HR but 442 has so many limitations. Nearly all the new players on show last night looked good and comfortable in this new system and I don’t think it will be long before we really click into gear. Bale not as imposing at the moment and yes Walker gave away some sloppy passes but the core of Vertonghen, Sandro & Dembele is a really exciting prospect. Lets shut the red top gutter press up for good please.

    • Agree.
      Despite lacking the results we’d all like to see I’m pretty happy with the squad. Good rotation to keep all the players happy and in form; not afraid to sub (even star) players; good depth to the team (although we’d all still like another really top striker and CM); and the teams formation and player switching look good.
      I assume that last will only improve as the team adjusts to AVBs style.

      I’m fine with people underestimating AVB — I can’t think of what I’d want him to be doing different. We’ve had some unlucky results, but keep playing like this — keep getting a better understanding of the system and getting used to new players — and we have an exciting squad.


  8. I wouldn’t worry about the referee decisions.I would worry about building a bigger stadium though. Free entry for season ticket holders and your playing our Lazio brothers,and you only get twenty five thousand.what happened to the old waiting list ha ha.There was more paying WESTHAM boys there last night than you TOBY’s.Our Lazio pals had a good laugh at how shit your surpport is and that silly song about marching in.I told them the rest of your lot were down old street station giving Dennis one.

    • Yet another moronic post from sad troll,Chimp Chimp.
      Don’t West Ham give £1 entrance to youngsters? How appropriate that this cretin allies himself with his “Lazio brothers” Peas in a pod no doubt. Only a challenged bigot would boast in this way about an affinity to racist neanderthals. Sums up this inadequate’s regular posts as a troll. What sort of cretin demonstrates a total inability to express himself and lack of any comprehension of the English language? ” and YOUR playing”..!!!! “There WAS more paying WESTHAM boys “..!! Racist and pillock.A true embarrassment to the name of West Ham. Note its two words.

      • Little boy you shouldn’t make allegations about things you know fuck all about. If you had your way there would be mob rule,if ones doing it they are must all be doing it so hang’em all. All clubs have their extremists especially yours and I went to school with a lot of them.The difference is WESTHAM did something about it 30years ago, your lot never have.You can say WEST HAM if you like posh boy,but I say WESTHAM.By the way if you want to talk about trolls the only troll worth talking about is the fucking TROLL that bred you GIMP.

  9. Three goals disallowed but one was offside and the other was very marginal…..and 90% of linesmen would flag it. But Caulker goal was a no~brainer. If that was a foul then every contested header would involve a foul. The lazio player misjudged his jump and tried to grab Caulker. Not only that but the barge on Lennon was a stonewall penalty. A draw was far more than Lazio deserved even though they are clearly a very good side. And as for Wet Spam. ….why are tickets for every home game advertised in full page ads in The Metro every week? Wait till they are rattling around the Olympic stadium and all sitting 35 yards back from the pitch. Free binoculars with every season ticket. Jokes.


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