If you believe all you read then what are you supposed to think about today’s headlines concerning Tottenham’s French international goalkeeper Hugo Lloris? On the one hand, a story is led with the comment that he didn’t come to the Lane to be on the bench while another headline assures us that he has no problem with AVB.

Here’s what Hugo is actually quoted as saying.

“Against Manchester United, I wanted to be on the pitch. Things are clear, I have not signed for Tottenham for this role.”

Some newspapers and website owners might be tempted to leave it at that but here’s what else was said.

“We have to put things into perspective. I just spent a month with Spurs, I arrived during the season with a team in place and I have only missed three games,” Lloris added.

“I think it will happen naturally. I am in the service of the team, I respect everyone, I came to play but I have no guarantee. The coach will make his choice.”

Hugo also went on to confirm that he has no issues with AVB.

“Competition exists everywhere, but relations with Brad Friedel, with goalkeeping coach and manager are good.

“After that, it is not me who manages the communication. I’m back, I’m training and I am happy to play.”

Headlines may tell us one thing but the quotes say Hugo is happy and there have been little in his performances for Spurs so far to suggest that the club has any problem with him.



  1. Then don’t just read the headlines!
    Be aware of which media outlets seem to pursue hostile agendas, and actually read the interview – then it will be clear enough.

  2. I think that it’s important that now AVB has made the ‘tough’ call in dropping Friedel (thus ending the Americans incredible record for consecutive games played), that he stands by it and installs Lloris as his permanent no1.

    Despite the fact that Spurs managed to keep their first clean sheet with Lloris between the sticks, the Frenchman is a world class operator and clearly represents the future of the club.
    To drop him now, I believe, would only cause more confusion as to who actually signed (or even rates) Lloris and would potentially damage the confidence and morale of the French no1.

    What about Friedel? I hear you say. Well there is no question it would be harsh to drop a man who has performed admirably since joining the club, but the fact remains that at 41, the chances of Brad staying beyond the current campaign are extremely slim. Add that to the fact that Lloris IS a better GK with attributes better suited to that position (i.e. agility, quick feet and an excellent anticipation) and for me the choice is a fairly obvious one.

    It was no coincidence that Lloris was in the right place at the right time to ‘mop up’ on Sunday, on the few occasions Villa did manage to get behind our back line. It was also no coincidence that the players who did briefly breach our defences were pacy forwards in the shape of Agbonlahor and Benteke.

    I mean, could any of you see Friedel being as quick as Lloris was in sensing the danger and actually being fast enough to react by rushing of his line to dive at the feet of Agbonlahor and smother the ball like Hugo did in the first half? No. It is more likely that he would of come of his line to be rounded by the forward or stayed between the sticks and allowed the striker to get his shot off on goal.

    Now with Chelsea coming to town next, with their abundance of pace in the forward positions, it is more than likely that that Spurs are going to require a GK with Lloris ability to effectively leave his line.

    AVB has done the hard part in dropping Friedel, it’s now important that he takes this opportunity to show faith in our new keeper and persist with him in goal, with a view to the future. After all, with Brads consistency (in terms of performance) and record (in terms of consecutive games played) it might be a while before this opportunity presents itself again.

  3. just another dailymail story, eg”AVB to risk upsetting Lloris by recalling Friedel for crunch Chelsea clash”. Apparently AVB has made squad selection two weeks before the match.

  4. The main reason for Brad’s incredible run of starts is that he is not a risk taker. He is not prone to coming of his line for one on ones and rarely if ever challenges for high balls into the box. The chances of him picking up knocks are therefore very slim.


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