Benoit Assou-Ekotto’s absence from the Spurs side could come to an end this weekend with reports that he will not need surgery on his troublesome knee. BAE has been out for six weeks and it was claimed that an operation would be necessary in order to clear bone fragments but that has been avoided for now at least.

Benny has hardly missed a game over the last few seasons and if we were under the old regime, it would seem certain that the Cameroon international would walk straight back into the side. In his absence however, Jan Vertonghen has moved from the centre of defence and slotted in seamlessly on the left.

Jan has said himself that he has no ambition to play at left back on a permanent basis but if BAE is fully fit, it will be interesting to see what AVB has in mind for the Chelsea game.



  1. Stick with Lloris, Walker, Gallas, Caulker and Vertonghen for the Chelsea game, then Maybe get Jan back in the centre after that.

  2. BAE has only returned to training this week, according to reports. If this is the case, I can’t see him being involved (at all) this weekend. He has just had a 6 week lay-off.

  3. Too soon for him this sat but welcome back to the fold you mad eejit. He will only make us stronger when fit. We’re nearly at full strength now. Good to see. I’m expecting big things over the coming weeks.

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  4. I would be extremely concerned if BAE is put back in the starting 11 at all! Hes a massive liability, always out of position, gives away silly fouls, sometimes penalties if hes beaten by the opposition and generally doesnt seem to care too much as long as hes picking up his cheque every week! Bad attitude and i would like to see the back of him, cost us so much last season and hes been much the same under AVB!

    I would have Kyle Naughton ahead of him if Jan is moving back to centre back!


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