This story did the rounds to a great extent over the weekend but it’s worth considering. The reports claimed that Emmanuel Adebayor was ready to quit Tottenham, despite only joining the club on a permanent basis in August after a long and protracted transfer.

When he returned to White Hart Lane, the consensus of the coaching staff was that Ade wasn’t fit and with Jermain Defoe finding some form and AVB sticking to a lone striker, there’s been no starting place for the Togolese striker so far.

“Manu wants to play and he really hoped to be in with a chance of starting against Chelsea,” a ‘source’ is alleged to have said.

“Mentally he saw that game as a make or break for him at Spurs. It’s obvious now that AVB doesn’t fancy him and Manu thinks it’s better he left.”

We’re all aware that Adebayor isn’t the easiest player to handle when he’s not playing but it’s frustrating to have spent so long negotiating such a difficult transfer only to see the player on the bench. The second issue relates to selling Ade on – there weren’t too many clubs battling us for his signature over the summer.




  1. Reports coming out this morning is he stormed out of training after a meeting with AVB. After such a good season last season and the fact he offers more as the lone striker than Defoe it is a surprise he does not get more game time. why not play him in the role behind Defoe to hold up and distribute.

  2. AVB plays one striker, and Defoe is in great form. Why drop Defoe if his ‘moral’ is high and improving his game?

    Its obvious that Adebayor was at LEAST a month behind the squad fitness wise, and a few games short of match ‘sharpness’. So In theory, he’s missed around 2 games!

    • Ade needs games to actually GET match fit. He must start in Europa at least. I do not believe that Defoe will keep up the goals, so we need Ade to come in when Defoe slows. Even if Defoe does keep scoring, we are still inconsistent performance-wise, and perhaps Defoe is part of that.

  3. Very doubtful, source was from the sun as I read it when it came out – just last week Ade claimed he can make Defoe one of the best, 1 week later and he’s out of the door?

    He’s just come out of injury and I don’t see any reason for this story to be true

  4. I think all these reports are bollocks being stirred up by the Sun. It was a horrendously complicated deal to get Ade here permanently, he isn’t going anywhere.

    He had no pre-season, got an injury, and JD is in great form. He just has to work hard, I know he will come good for us sooner rather than later. If AVB had any doubts about his quality or his personality we wouldn’t have signed him. No doubt he isn’t happy being on the bench but he just has to be patient.

  5. Adebayor is a great striker. He is rusty at the moment but I am sure that he will improve a lot. Even when he came on against Chelsea, he had a couple of chances which only just missed. I am sure this is due to lack of match practice.

  6. Adebayor had a clear chance to score by just tapping the ball in but he was just a little too slow. He is certainly rusty at the moment. Defoe who is playing well at the moment has an edge on him but I still think he should play more often even coming at half time to replace some under performing players. I would have liked to see him take the place of Dempsey at the start of the second half.

  7. Shouldn’t of signed adebayor in the first place but just looked like another levy signing like pretty much every other signing in the summer. Anyone who knows anything about football and in particular spurs would know that we needed to improve up front from last season to kick on (or close the gap after chelsea signing who they did). I wanted moyes instead of avb coz Ive wanted moyes since before arry but I’m getting behind avb coz any problems this season need to go down to levy for not getting the players avb wanted. As for defoe I don’t get how he’s having a great season?! He’s scoring goals which is his job and any striker playing with our team should get goals, your probably the same idiot spurs fans who still think fatboy is a good player! And Dawson for that matter!

  8. stinks of the Sun and its ‘we love ‘Arry’ campaign! he has been injured for last few weeks and was only fit just before internationals… Defoe will dip in form and the Ade will come in for a few games… simples!


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