Our team to face Southampton – what’s yours?

There are no reports of fresh injuries ahead of tomorrow’s game at St Marys but that does leave a few questions across the park.

The main news is that Gareth Bale returns from parental leave and should take his place on the left wing while Emmanuel Adebayor and Moussa Dembele both stand a chance of returning to full fitness for tomorrow.

The questions start in goal where Brad Friedel may keep his place over Hugo Lloris. With BAE still absent, will AVB keep Kyle Naughton on the left or will Jan Vertonghen switch across to accommodate both Gallas and Caulker in central defence?

If Dembele passes that fitness test it seems likely that he will resume his role in defensive midfield meaning that the top half of the team should revert to the one prior to the Chelsea match.

Here’s our verdict but what’s your view?

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23 Responses

  1. chris says:

    start adebayor not defoe. tottenham need him getting games even an hour as defoe is poor player his golas hide how bad he has been

  2. Ted says:

    I would say Caulker over Gallas and Sigurdsson a start over Dempsey. Gallas looked rusty against Chelsea whereas Caulker has been pretty consistent so far. Dempsey hasn’t fitted into our team so far like we would have liked, so i thin its time to give Sigurdsson a start! And then of course Lloris over Friedal… We have one of the best keepers in the world in Lloris, we need to play him! Come on you Spurs!

  3. roberto says:

    why still use Gallas??.. dawson is faster and i feel he still has it.. jan and dawson i feell is the a better combination…

  4. Ted says:

    Lloris, walker, caulker, vertonghen, Naughton, Sandro dembele, Lennon, Dempsey, bale, Adebayor

  5. peej says:

    Caulker, Gallas and Vertonghen at left back has been our best defensive shape. Walker is a defensive liability but what’s the alternative?
    I’d try Adebayor in the hole behind Defoe, assuming he’s fit, but get them to interchange. Ade holds the ball to build attacks and his aerial strength is needed. Neither Dempsey or Siggy are fully convincing there.
    An alternative is use Falque behind Defoe. He’s quick and creative, so he can be good on the counter or when we are trying to squeeze those clever inch-perfect passes through a packed defence.
    It would mean the holding pair would need to be on their metal, though.

  6. john snelgrove says:

    Walker Caulker Vertonghen Naughton
    Sandro Dembele
    Lennon Adebayor Bale

    • Matt says:

      Defoe in behind Adebayor would be a far better option… Adebayor would hold the ball and Defoe would be dangerous around the edge of the box, living off scraps, a bit like a 442, but Defoe dropping in behind..

  7. mike haas says:

    I think Gallas need to give way to Caulker as her and Vertonghen are our future. I also agree that having Adie behind defor gives us a rotation option.

  8. Horny Helen says:

    Siggy not Dempsey.

  9. jjames says:

    SURELY Walker is going to be dropped SOMETIME !!!!!!!

  10. Jon says:

    Walker Caulker Gallas Vertonghen
    Sandro Dembele
    Lennon Dempsey Bale
    Adebayor But in a 4 4 1 1

  11. Lloris Walker Dawson Caulker Vertonghen
    Lennon Sandro Dembele Bale
    Defoe Adebayor

  12. noobs says:

    Naughton Gallas Caulker Vertonghen
    Sandro Dembele
    Lennon Ade Bale

    Can’t see us not scoring, so lets keep it tight at the back!

  13. Keith says:

    Please no Defoe give Ade a chance Mr offside (Defoe) can’t hold it up,and only takes 1in 6 opertunities to find the net .And while we are at it,when is Lennon going to get to the byline instead of cutting in.

  14. kenny says:

    lloris is a must, walker a liability drop him pls, adebayor in place of mr offside defoe, the rest pick themselves really.

  15. jay says:

    no gallas please

  16. Herman says:

    Why everyone hating on walker? He will come good? One of our payers of year last year! Would you rather a stalteri?

  17. Colin says:

    Naughton, Caulker, Gallas, Vertoghen.
    Sandro, Dembele
    Lennon, Defoe (or Dempsey), Bale,

  18. JOHN ADAM says:

    Naughton Caulker Dawson Vertonghen
    Lennon Sandro Dembele Bale
    Defoe Adebayor

  19. paul bates says:

    walker caulker vertonghen naughton
    sandro dembele siggurdson
    bale defoe lennon

  20. wayne says:

    all thick thinking drop walker young player of the year for a reason last season and drop defoe? hes our top scorer get a grip plz

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