Outside of the top division, Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha has the name most likely to be the most overused when the transfer window opens in January. The striker has been connected with several Premiership clubs including Spurs although his current employers have effectively issued a hands-off warning with a quoted transfer fee of £20m.

“He is an extraordinary talent. I said at the start of the season that keeping hold of Wilf would be like spending a lot of money on a transfer. Other sides can fly their kites but it would take £20m before we even got interested,” said Palace co-Chairman Steve Parish.

“People would have to compensate us accordingly for losing his talent – that is what a transfer fee is.

“All the teams have got to understand that you get £60m in TV money if you get into the Premier League, which is where we want to get. So we’d need to be compensated for reducing our chances of getting there.”

Palace are currently in the play off places and therefore other clubs might be in a stronger position in the summer. That won’t stop the Zaha speculation however but would the player be a good acquisition for Spurs?



  1. No we need already established world class players coming in not players that take 4-5 years to reach there best then they leave us! Get in players like robben, Schneider players that make a instant impact!

    • Robben is an old man who has got what 2 seasons at most. What is the point in that? Established world class requires Champions League football first.

      We do however need proven quality that is young enough to improve and have a sell on value.

    • u dun have that much money.
      u dun have that allure of a big team.
      u cant pay their salaries.
      the players u mentioned would not want to downgrade themselves.

      engage brain before mouth.

  2. @kentcabbie.
    At Spurs Zaha would have a far greater chance of making it as a top player. He’ll have better players around him, facilities and coaching staff. Any championship player would jump at the chance to play at a higher level. Bostock had an amazing opportunity and blew it. Perhaps he simply wasn’t good enough?

  3. Sell bostock but keep his face guard….. Sell Sonny gym blank …buy guppy fish tom boy and gerald the one fingered troll hunter …. Safe love you guys

  4. typical priemer league team think you can click yr fingers to every player” wilf is just too good for spurs” after the way you stole bostock and ruined him zaha wouldn’t touch u idiots with a barge pole get lost and look elsewhere ,

    • So who do palace get their players from? Do they only have home grown players, or do they only get players from teams above them? Otherwise, don’t be such a hypocrite!

      • Your really stupid man u signed Nick Powell from Crewe and he never played beyond league 2 so shut up. Also look at all the talent that’s come from Southampton over the years.

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