Anyone watching Tottenham’s youngsters over the last five days would have been given a welcome distraction from the first team’s poor result at Wigan. After a 6-0 hammering of Newcastle in the Under-21 Premier League on Saturday, the lads recorded their most impressive victory to date with a 4-1 win at Barcelona in the NextGen series.

The star of last night’s performance was Shaquille Coulthirst who notched a perfect hat trick culminating in a goal on the hour mark to secure a 3-0 lead. Shaq’s performance is the latest in a line of impressive contributions from the youngsters – Alex Pritchard added the fourth last night and the video of his free kick against Newcastle on Saturday is getting a lot of attention.

Earlier in the season, Jon Obika and Cristian Ceballos have also made their mark in the under-21 league but what does the future hold for them?

Spurs have always produced talented youngsters but with such impressive displays over the last few days, could any of these names enjoy promotion to the first team squad soon – specifically in the remaining Europa League fixtures?




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  2. I said this in my previous comment,about these talented guys,but all our comments is falling on deaf ears.AVB should give these guys a chance,but then again it all depends what their coach is reporting to the club & AVB.My gut tells me these guys will do a lot better than what we have right now.SO COM’N AVB GIVE THEM A CHANCE, IF ARSENE CAN DO IT WHY CAN’T WE.

    • I think as long as we play them before Christmas (with Hall, Veljkovic, Bentaleb and Mason included, maybe Coulibaly) then we can approach the transfer window with more confidence in what we really need rather than just splashing out and cramping a youth player’s progression.

  3. The best of the bunch should go on loan in January to footballing Championship/League 1 sides. If they shine like Walker (QPR+Villa) & Caulker (Yeovil+Bristol City+Swansea) did then you know they are top quality & can trust them in a side thats going for top 4. Lads like Townsend/Carroll/Bostock/Mason go out on loan and barely get games for teams like Birmingham, Derby, Brentford & Millwall never mind shine for them. They will never be good enough for us. Pritchard seems like he’s the one were pinning our hopes on

  4. Hope we’ve got some signings lined up. We’ve gone back to having a cracking first 11 but little quality back up. All these squad players have been cleaned out. We’ve shifted so much wood, I think we probably made a net profit on transfers. Llorente, , willian are priority but any attacking midfielder is essential. This is slightly crazy but how about joe cole on a bargain loan. No risk and can play in any attacking position. I watch french football and he looked great last season


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