At half time it looked as if our Europa League curse may have hit again but a 3-1 victory means that in all probability, we only need to win our home game with Panathinaikos to progress.

As a personal opinion, here are five things to take on board from the match.

It Pays to be Flexible

4-4-2 may not work in every match and Sunday’s game at Manchester City is one where 4-2-3-1 may make more sense. However, and I’m not an AVB moaner and yes I’m happy with fifth place but – would we have taken the seven points that we dropped against Norwich, West Brom and Wigan with a more attacking formation.

Adebayor needs a run in the side

Jermain Defoe took the headlines with his hat trick but Ade showed clear signs as to why it was worth negotiating over his long protracted transfer.

Adebayor needs to start – whether as a lone striker or alongside JD.

The goalkeeping situation needs sorting out

Only partial blame can be levelled at Hugo Lloris for Maribor’s goal but we’d hoped that comedy keeping had disappeared with Heurelho Gomes at the end of the 2010-11 season.

Hugo may just be lacking confidence after expecting to be confirmed as the club’s number one or he may just be a bad keeper but it’s worth a run in the side to find out.

We need to sign a left back in January

Nobody looks comfortable filling in for BAE – apart from Jan Vertonghen whose WHL future lies in the centre. Last night’s Maribor goal was partly down to this situation and a new left back must surely be a priority – either as cover or replacement for Benny.

Nobody is irreplaceable but…

Gareth Bale comes closer than anyone ever has. This may not be new information but sometimes it’s just a privilege to watch Gareth at his best and to have it confirmed.



  1. I’ve heard Bastos is available for 8mill & he can cover both left back & left wing.
    I’d like to see Defoe & Adebayor line up in a 4-2-3-1.
    Ade was playing deeper quite a lot against Maribor so why not behind Defoe in the above formation.
    Lloris is the future & should be given a run of games to show his worth.

    • Bastos would be a good deal. As for BAE, we don’t have a proper replacement for Bale neither. Imo, Dries Mertens would be a great signing. He can play on the left and right wing and as a striker, he has great pace and fantastic technique. He is the only Belgian worth looking at who is not playing in a big competition yet (I am Belgian…). Spurs should not sign Alderweireld, he isn’t at the same level as Vertonghen or the *rs*n*l Belgian.

  2. GIVE AVB TIME! we only need to look at the beginning of Fergie’s 26 year tenure at United. Freidel, although performing well needs to sit on the bench, Lloris is a better keeper, although he needs time to get accustomed to the rigorous demands of English football. Secondly, why buy a new left back when Danny Rose is proving his worth at Sunderand? As an honest, yet enthusiastic supporter of the world’s best club I believe we are a FEW squad tweaks from being a WORLD POWER. Imagine if Mr.Levy would get rid of the likes of Jeans, Bently, Gomes etc and loosen the purse strings to bring in the likes of Willian, Damiao, Isco etc . One can only hope. COYS!

  3. Good article but remember that Lloris captains France and I never heard a bad word spoken about him before he joined Spurs only good words. I agree with king-spur a few more world class sighnings and we will be world class. As usual we have had the most injuries amongst the top 6 sides (from 1992) and Levy left it to late to sign Moutinho. This is why we are 5th.

    • Actually Arsenal and Man U have had more injury problems than we have had this season. Injuries are no excuse when you get outplayed at home by Norwich and Wigan who both have inferior players on the pitch. Moutinho does not want to come here. Forget him. We 5th, but we are not performing like a top 5 side.

  4. Yes, I’d love to see Ade play as the AM instead of Dempsey and have Defoe in front of him. I feel that Ade would contribute so much more.

  5. There seems to be a feeling among supporters that Spurs were good last night, which I find disturbing. We beat a side that I have no doubt would be relegated if it played in the English Championship, never mind the PL. We should have put them away inside of 30 minutes. Our strikers, Defoe included, should be ashamed at the embarrassment of service they received, especially from Bale, and yet managed only three goals. What would, just for example, the Newcastle strike pair have done with this supply? Young Kyle Naughton should get a slap against the head, and Hugo Lloris should be sat down and told to take lessons from Brad Friedel while there’s still a chance. he should also be instructed to phone Didier Deschamps and tell him: “Shut up, please, you’re not helping.” Adebayor should be told frankly to wake the fuck up and start playing. We were sloppy all over the park and unbelievably the match was still on at half time.

    • Wow, if this is your view from last nights game I cant imagine your thoughts after Wigan at the weekend. I’ve never seen such rubbish at the Lane but I thought last night (even though poor opposition was encouraging).

      • Oh yes, winning is always better, even if you don’t deserve it (not the case last night). But really, the opposition were poor and we entertained their feeble attempts to live with us when we should have crushed them quickly. We even let them equalise, FFS. We have many talented players but we need to increase our efficiency and “killer instinct”. When terms like “world class” get bandied about I worry.

  6. Not exactly playing superb opposition but I thought Carroll’s movement and passing in midfield was excellent, alongside Sandro as the more defensive midfielder this should prove its worth. Equally the JD / Ade combination was very good but I wish Ade had a few more chances. I completely agree Ade needs a decent run in the side as his control is superb. Watch this space against City.

    • I would also let Carroll play more often in the PL when Dembélé is being injured. He has far more skills and pace than Huddlestone and he can still grow. As for the tactics, 4-4-2 at home against teams who park the bus, 4-2-3-1 only away against big teams. For the other games: flexibility according to the weaknesses of the opponents, 2 strikers as often as possible.

  7. Carroll was absolute quality. He set up Bale’s assist for the first goal and provided the assist for Defoe’s second. Not bad for a 20 year old…

      • No.
        He has to be eased in and get a bit of success to get settled. But yes, he was good.
        Experienced line up against City, and I think we can get something.


        • I believe that a young player of Carroll’s can prosper when given his chance. Now it would be a mistake to play him week in and week out where he would be caught out. But for one or maybe even two games Carroll could give spurs that Luka Modric type of quality that is needed against City and Arsenal. Anyways we can’t play Sigurdsson, Huddlestone and Dempsey in Mf or we will defiantly be destroyed. And I don’t think Sandro and Demeble will be fit enough to start.

  8. On a completly differnet note. I do appologize.
    But……. Why the fuck should we not be allowed to support the boys with the famous YID-ARMY!!!!!!!

    Political correctnes gone really bad.
    We use it to protect us against antisemitism.


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