Trade in personnel between former Arsenal players to Spurs may be more prolific than it once was but there can have been fewer scarier rumours than the one that started to emerge over the weekend.

Nicklas Bendtner, is a goal every four games man. Therefore, if you’d avoided the press over the weekend then you may currently be concerned over some of today’s headlines linking the Dane with a move to Spurs.

Here’s what Bendtner actually said,

“History is filled with examples of players moving between rival clubs and I can’t rule out clubs due to where I might have been in the past,” the player told

“It might not be the best idea but if the project matches my ambitions I would have to be interested.”

“I still have a great relationship with London, which is a city that I adore,” Bendtner added.

“I have a lot of friends in London and there are a lot of great clubs in London, so I wouldn’t rule out a return.”

Such comments are a worry but are no cause to start a major transfer rumour as some have done this morning. On the other hand, this is one instance where an official denial might be welcome.




  1. We all know the club would never entertain the idea of signing someone who can’t hit a barn door from 2 yards. The guy totally overrated his very limited ability and has to talk himself up because nobody else will.

    A non event for a non player.

  2. This is just another clear example of news articles (and I mean the Bendtner link story not this one) being created by either A) idiots to sell news papers and get the gossip flowing and/or B) fans of opposing teams in the form of a windup (rubbing salt into the wound).

    Bendtner is absolute cr*p and we do not want him and should not waste our breath on such claptrap.

    We do however need some thought around a replacement for Modric, VDV and *Dembele if his current problem is likely to be recurring* as this is a gaping hole which we need sorted – pronto. Bring on the window and bring on the purchase of an attacking midfielder.


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