After a mixed Europa League campaign, Spurs just need a draw from their final match against Panathinaikos in order to guarantee progression to the final 32. Without Miroslav Klose in the Lazio side, you felt that the Italians would settle for 0-0 but the performance of Hugo Lloris in the Spurs goal ensured that we came away with the vital point.

As for Spurs, the officials struck once again and after having two / three perfectly good goals ruled out in the reverse fixture at the Lane, Gareth Bale’s early strike should have stood last night.

After the match, Andre Villas-Boas praised the whole team.

“I can only compliment the lads for their efforts. We played 70 minutes against Arsenal with 10 men being brave, being bold and then came here and played a good intensive game,” AVB said.

“We didn’t have the clear-cut chances like we had in previous games, but the lads did well in their effort. The spirit is there and passion is there.”

Andre singled out Hugo for praise and Tom Carroll also got a mention for his individual performance.

“Tom has been very good and I compliment the development team for the work they’ve been doing,” he added.

“Tom played well. It’s his second consecutive game in Europe after Maribor. That bodes extremely well for the team and it was good to see him out there. He deserves our respect.”

The game with Panathinaikos takes place on the 6th of December and a home draw would be enough to take us through.




  1. I really want to say something positive but except for Lloris there is nothing to say good about the way we played. Last night I was more worried for our injured fans and the fans who where at the game. We looked like a team playing beach football badly and Danny Murphy called it pity patter passing with no end product. What is making me cringe is the clip board when he makes subs or things are going wrong. Avb will now be the favorite for the sack now Hughes has gone and the sad thing is they all want Harry and Levey could be the loser if we finish behind them at the end of the season hope not.I have never felt so down in the last few games the goals have dried up and are going in at the other end with our back four changing every week with the Ufa the one thing Harry treated by playing the kids. I cant see us winning the next game because Bale looks like he is doing what Rat boy told him to do go through the motions and when they don’t match your ambitions ask for a move. We looked good with Ady ad Defoe but now we will miss him for three games. The most alarming thing i have noticed is we look slow and clumsy where other teams look fast if i was not a Spurs fan i would say the players want the clip board gone and i would bet money the next few games if the team don’t speed up Klingsman will be installed before Christmas or Pep or come back Harry. But what ever happens AVB will be sacked along with Hughes Di Mateo and Father Christmas

  2. I’m results oriented, rather than form oriented. Yes, the last 4 games have not gone our way, but if you look at it, AVB is right — we have played well. We played well against Chelsea. Blame Gallas for 3 of their 4 goals. We dominated Arsenal until Adebayor decided to get himself sent off. We had a bad game against West Brom and last night, but even last night we managed a point. Now, we only need a draw from our game against the Greeks. We got a positive result, despite it not being pretty (remember, we also had a legitimate goal called back).

    Other positives are that Carroll played another good game, and Dembele is back (praise the football gods). If we can get Assou-Ekotto back, Parker back, and Gallas gone, I think the season will still be a success.


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