Scott Parker used the unlikely setting of Tottenham’s under 21 Premier League tie with Sunderland to make a return to footballing action and after coming through unscathed, the 32 year old is looking at a possible place in Spurs’ first team squad for Swansea this weekend.

The issue for Scott is the people in front of him and in particular Sandro, who has returned to his immense best after his 2011-12 campaign was itself beset by injury.

Parker was Harry’s general and a man who could rely on being inked in on any team sheet but Andre Villas-Boas is unlikely to bring the player back in at the expense of such a key member of the side. Injury to Sandro or conceivably Aaron Lennon would free up a vacancy but for now, the midfielder will have to bide his time.

Scott Parker will remain an important figure on the bench but will that be enough to keep him satisfied at this stage of his career?



  1. No offence Sandro, but one is still surprised after every game that Sandro DOESN’T stuff something up.
    Scott IS the stability that Spurs need in the midfield that gives the backline a chance to support the goalie in a proper and fair manner.
    Lloris is having a tough time, because the backs have too much to do because the midfield lacks stability. It’s all related.
    Spurs NEED Scotty – just make sure you don’t break him! Bring him back at the right pace – not too much too soon.
    And Sandro, I really do think you’re pretty good, it’s just that everyone is different, and right now, Scott Parker’s incredible feeling to be at the right place at the right time in the Hotspur team is what is needed to bring them back on course.

    • Anyone with a tiny amount of football knowledge could see when he made his debut against Arsenal in the League Cup that he was going to be an excellent player and that’s just what he has developed into.

      Scott Parker is a fire fighter but the point is you shouldn’t be fighting fires just outside your own box, you should be pressing higher up the field like the tackle Sandro made on the half way line for the third goal against Fulham.

  2. Sandro has played without a break for more than a year now. With the Olympics and other internationals. When Parker is match fitand the Christmas program is over and done with, send Sandro on a 2 week vacation in Dubai and let him recharge. We will still have nice backup in central midfield.
    With the guys coming back and maybe 1 or 2 KEY signings (no more dead weight) in January, we are not looking too bad.
    We are still on for fourth.


    And Bradford.
    Congrat’s on a fantastic victory……..

  3. And nor should he oust Sandro. He should be his understudy now, giving him a rest when needed and if we persist of running back to defend our box in the last 10 minutes a sub to be used instead of Huddlestone.

    • Spot on, use him to defend a lead together with Sandro. I think it makes sense to play them both against the big teams with Dembélé in a more advanced role. Parker is a natural leader with a fantastic fighting spirit and thus an ideal captain but Sandro is a better player… Difficult, this one.

      • Parker isnt a natural leader at all. at least not for spurs… and if he is, then where were his leadership qualities last season where we displayed relegation form for a good two and a half months?

        furthermore, i go to spurs all the time and i am yet to see him gee-ing up anyone, or giving anyone a bollocking.

        he may lead by example on the pitch like ledley… apart from that as a player he is not as good as sandro.

        i like parker and under no circumstances would even think about selling him to redknapp at QPR.. but i am afraid that he is clearly second best DM at the moment.

  4. Absolute Nonsense chronic. Parker was our most consistent performer with Modric and vdv in the team. It was him that Shone and it was him that lead us to the dizzy heights of the top 3 lays year until the unmentionable happened. Parker is our leader but there is no reason why they all can’t play together with 433. Avbs favourite line up? Dembele has been immense defensively but the guy is by far our best player. He can play anywhere. Why not have him just ahead of them in the number ten role? He can beat players at will, play through balls to JD or also get a shot off. Our quality goes up a notch when they are all fit.


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