Tottenham’s left back Benoit Assou-Ekotto is renowned for his outspoken views and whenever anyone does track Benny down, he always makes for a good interview subject.

This week, BAE has been speaking to CNN’s African Voices and he was as forthright as usual. Firstly, the interviewer questioned him about his bold comments and his ‘wild hair’.

“I prefer to be remembered about what I will do after football because every weekend about 40,000 people with me and my team but I hope to help more than 40,000 people after football,” Benny said.

The defender then touched on a notorious comment he had made in the past – referring to football as just a job.

“You know I don’t enjoy life because I play football and it’s a good job,” he added

“I enjoy life when I put the TV and I see the problem in the world. In this way I can say yeah, my life is very cool. So I really enjoy this job and my career in Tottenham.”

Until the start of this season, BAE had virtually been an ever present in the squad. He tends to pick up few injuries and as the player himself said, he feels that his general fitness can keep him playing for a long time to come.

“When I was 20 something, I was seeking in this way to make money quickly and to stop very early, you know and the more you play football, the more you realize to play football is a good job and if you can play until 45, I will play until 45.”

Benny then goes on to speak at length about his decision to play for Cameroon and the whole interview is a very entertaining one. Watch the video below:




  1. Quality bloke. Actually, most of our players seem pretty level-headed. No players storming off in a sulk if they’re not picked. Even Ade hasn’t given us any major headaches.
    Dawson’s attitude in particular has been exemplary this season.
    Got to rate AVB’s man management skills, he’s definitely instilled a meritocratic environment where if you’re playing and training well you’ll keep your place. Just ask Benny!


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