Prior to Tottenham’s narrow 1-0 win over Swansea in December, the club were notorious for conceding late goals, most notably in the previous fixture when the side let in two late strikes at Everton in a 2-1 defeat.

Since the Swansea game however, the defence seems to have a tougher edge and Tottenham have recently recorded some late, late goals of their own against Manchester United and also against Lyon last night.

William Gallas played his part in yesterday’s win and the 35 year old suspects that he may have introduced a tougher mind set at the club.

“The players here have the right mentality now because they want to win every game,” Gallas said.

“If we draw a match, some of my team-mates can be very upset but that is a good thing. Two years ago, those same players were not thinking like that.”

William also underlined the importance of winning games where the side are not playing well.

“Even if we don’t play well, we have to take the three points and maybe some people didn’t understand my reaction [to poor results]. Now, though, the attitude of some players has changed and that is a positive thing,” he added.

Spurs have recently won close games against West Brom and Newcastle and by keeping things tight at the back, players other than Gareth Bale deserve huge credit. William Gallas may not be with the club next season but if he is responsible for a shift in mentality then he would leave a vital legacy.




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