The rumours linking Gonzalo Higuain with a move to the Premier League this summer gained even more momentum over the weekend with reports in the Spanish press that the striker is desperate for a transfer to go through. The Argentine has lost his place in the starting line up to Karim Benzema and if those stories are to be believed, Higuain has given up on thoughts of a future with Real Madrid.

Spurs continue to be in the frame although further reports suggest that Manchester City are interested and if that is the case, City’s involvement usually takes other clubs out of the equation.

The fee involved has been quoted at £35m but Spurs could approach that figure by offering Emmanuel Adebayor in part exchange. Ade hardly set the Bernabeu alight during his loan spell in 2011 but the club may hope that the La Liga side could be interest in the Togolese on a permanent basis.

Real however would probably prefer to see Gareth Bale cross the other way. By all accounts Higuain seems destined to be available this summer but is a transfer to White Hart Lane really likely and what would it ultimately cost us?




  1. If Gonzalo Higuain has been watching our last 3 games all losses and really bad displays from our team i dont think he will want to join us, good players like to play for teams who play good football and at the moment we are not doing that.

  2. Looks like we might have to settle for re-signing Crouch and Bent as all the big signings will be heading to our more attractive neighbours. I wish we the mighty spuds get relegated as I would much prefer playing the likes of Charlton and Burnley. We might actually finish top 4 in that league.

  3. couple of bad games and your up in arms-get real and get behind all i would say is get rid of ade and gallas and bae and the world and their sister will want to join-these 3 clowns are going to cost us big time

  4. After fulham loss spure difficult to top 4 but spure loss prove to next season break bank to creative attakers and supporters——1.MARCO SILVESTRI 2.S.CORCHIA 3.E.MANGALA 4.FABIO CONTRAO 5 JOAO.MOUNTINHO 6.DANIAL DE ROSSI 7. ERIKSON 8. ARJUN ROBIN OR ALEX SANCHEZ 9. JAMES RODRIQUAZ OR REUS 10. HIGUIN 11.LEANARDO DAMIAO——-SELL-GOMES / NAUGHTON / GALLAS / KABOUL / HUDDLESTONE / LIVERMOER / BENTLAY / ROSE / ADABAYOR / SIGURDSSON /


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