Callejon for Bale – tempted?

Callejon for Bale – tempted?


Late on Sunday night, stories began to emerge suggesting that Spurs had slapped a £100m price tag on Gareth Bale – effectively a ‘hands off’ price to anyone interested in taking the Welshman off our hands this summer.

Whether those reports were true or not, it may be naïve not to accept that the forthcoming transfer window is the time that the club’s resolve will be fully tested by Real Madrid – or anyone else – and an official approach may well be made irrespective of whether we qualify for the Champions League.

There may be a choice of suitors but Real remain in the frame and with that alleged transfer fee continuing to rise, there is increasing talk of a player plus cash approach. Gonzalo Higuain was the most recent suggestion but the press today are claiming that Spanish under 21 international Jose Callejon is more likely to be offered as the makeweight.

However, looking at both players there really is no comparison other than the fact that they both play on the wing. Callejon is 26 and hasn’t broken into the Spanish national side while 75 games for Real have yielded 18 goals.

That ratio may be healthy but compared to Bale’s it – well, it just doesn’t compare – and if Real Madrid really are offering Jose Callejon as part of any proposed deal, they may need to find the best part of that £100m to go with it.




  1. Matthew – I hear the story emulated from the Daily Mirror who suggested £8m for Callejon. Really unable to see how that would be a sweetener or tempt Spurs in any way tbh. If the club feel that this player would be a good fit then that’s a different story and we should go and buy him, but as a replacement? Haha!

  2. Why the f**k do you repeat the same crap written in either the Mirror, Daily Fail, Metro, Sun or Express? Haven’t you realised by now that all they do is either plagiarise (that’s copy) the same shit that comes out of Spanish low life press like themselves or make up stories on the hoof.

  3. Champions League or not Bale is staying. Jose Callejon as a swap is just another one of the rumours and empty stories we are hearing and will have to put up with for the next 4 months. Callejon should just be given to us, just to get Spurs to listen to offers from them, let alone accept any. That’s if we even wanted him. This summer is going to be interesting to see just how far teams are willing to go. With the number of clubs who do want him 100 million isn’t far fetched at all.

  4. Calleron and Higuain plus 50m.

    Lets talk…….
    We will never get a 100m transfer in todays transfer climate. Players plus cash is worth a thought or two.
    IF, and please let it not be so, we do not qualify for the CL.
    When we do qualify, Bale would want to stay. And we could attract the 2 world class players who are needed to complete our squad for WORLD DOMINANCE…….

    In AVB and Levy we trust



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