There has been the occasional rumour surrounding Andre Villas-Boas’ future at Spurs and the suggestion that he may follow his mentor Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid at the end of the season. With Real’s current boss set to miss out on La Liga glory and a place in the Champions League final, his time at the Bernabeu looks to be up and it must be very easy for the press to link AVB with any vacant post.

Andre has been quiet on the subject until now but when asked for his views this week, he insisted his focus remained at White Hart Lane.

“At the moment, I am very, very focused on trying to get another year at one club. The same club!” AVB said “I have a contract. I was given an opportunity and was extremely grateful.”

Andre also conceded that the Real rumours were inevitable,

“The speculation about Real Madrid comes from the coach having speculation all over the world about his exit – Real Madrid are looking for a coach and the coach there is under a contract,” he continued. “The fact he made it public that he is looking for an exit has ended up with a lot of speculation. For me, it is always an honour, but I am completely focused.”

So for now it looks as most of us suspected – a case of finding an easy fit for a story.



  1. Mate, where did this nonsense originate? None other than the arse licking Madrid press on behalf of those well known rapist Real and picked up by the urchins in our press namely the Mirror and the Daily Fail and used as a headline. The same arseholes were combining AVB and Bale as a package to those Spanish clowns.


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