Both of our senior right-sided defensive midfielders have had their injury issues this season but the only fortunate aspect for the club is that neither Sandro nor Scott Parker were sidelined at the same time. Scott came back into the starting XI on a permanent basis after the Brazilian’s season ending knee injury at QPR but his performances have raised a fair amount of criticism from supporters.

Parker will be 33 in October and while pace has never been a part of his game, there are obvious suggestions that the player is some way past his best. There are also rumours today that his former manager Harry Redknapp is aiming to take the England International to Loftus Road as QPR prepare to battle for a Premiership return.

The pieces seem to fit but the issue is Parker’s desire to make the England squad for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil – an unlikely quest if you drop into the Championship and fall outside of the manager’s radar.

But the rumours will continue so is this the end for Scott or do you feel that he has a role to play at the Lane next season?



  1. The P.L gets stronger every year.Scott Parker has done a great job for Spurs but ageis catching up with him.If Spurs want to progress next season it will not be with the likes of Scotty.We also have some very good youngsterswho need a chance.As i said,he has done a great job for Spurs but his best option would be the Championship league.

  2. I agree Charles and quite frankly he has been quite poor heading into the end of the season. He is supposed to be a holding midfielder but seems to move forward all the time with sometimes confusing runs up the line or into the corner with nowhere to go, gets robbed and then we are left short in the midfield and get punished on occasions. Parkers strength is putting his body on the line and being a general and stopping opposition moving into our final third and this year he just hasnt stuck to it. Sandro does it perfectly and allows Dembele to go forward with no fear of who is covering him in the midfield but with Parker even Dembeles game has stalled and he does not have the same faith. For the sake of the team get rid of Parker please …..

    • Who says that he is supposed to be a holding midfielder? He is not a natural holding midfielder. But AVB’s tactics demand holding midfielders. He plays better when winning the ball higher up the pitch.

      • No they don’t. He played holding midfield under Harry and for England. AVB’s tactics call for mobile ball winning box to box midfielders.

  3. Parker has been great for us. Last season much better than this, but I think this should be his last. As Charles said, the league gets stronger and stronger every year. Wonder if AVB and Levy can finally pull off a deal for Joao Moutinho?

  4. Too true. He should go and realise he is past his best. Giving the ball away nearly every pass, he has lost it, mind you I thought that before he joined Spurs.

  5. I think that Parker one to keep. Although that is dependent on 2 things: a) he proved that this season was unimpressive due to injuries and lack of preseason. b) AVB actually feels that he fits into the tactics. Sandro has a bad injury record, and so we need to spread him thinner than we did this season. This means that we need Parker, or at list a replacement for Parker next season. Better the devil you know. At least we know that Parker is a dependable character, a fighter, a winner – despite limitations. He won’t moan if not playing, and will fight for place. It is vital to have guys like this in the squad. Why the urge to sell him? How about keeping him – even if not immediate first choice? He is hardly going to fund a striker if sold…

    • Again no he doesn’t, he has had 1 injury. He joined us having played 18 months constant football, needed to adapt to a new language, a new country, a new style of football before he could think about establishing himself.

      The urge to sell him is because he is to old to last 90 minutes playing box to box football. He doesn’t fit the system AVB plays. He needs a club where he can sit in front of the back four and stay there.

      We need a younger and better on the ball replacement.

  6. I would take any chance to get him off the wage bill..he is not good enough to start and his wages does not justify him being a sub, especially considering his age

  7. Sell him quick while Old ‘Arry is still with QPR. No one else will pay 5m for him plus his expected high wages. While many feel that he is a let down this season, I would go further to say that he looked good last season because of Modric. You don’t need to pay high wages for someone who just collects loose ball and passes to someone else to do all the work. He did not lose the ball much cos he passed them backwards or sideways with the opposition 5 miles away. He even returns the ball first time to a team mate who is in a difficult position and let the team mate lose possession . This season when he needs to show that he can play football, his true lack of talent or sense is finally exposed. Harry is no longer around to tell the press how good this player is. And if he can somehow trick good old Roy and get into the England Squad, then I say..good luck to you England.


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