Rumours of David Villa coming to Spurs have been doing the rounds for a few weeks now but the link has gathered momentum in the last 24 hours after Spanish radio reported that a deal was ‘very close’.

The report was then picked up by the Spanish Press who claim that long term admirer Andre Villas-Boas has persuaded the player to come to the White half of North London, irrespective of whether the club qualifies for the Champions League or not.

Stories like these come and go with increasing regularity but even the most cynical among us would find it hard not to get excited over the prospect of Villa lining up in a Lilywhite shirt next season. His record at the Nou Camp remained good this year despite starting most of his games on the bench and he is still regarded as one of the most dangerous strikers in Europe.

The fee is either 12 million pounds or 12 million euros depending on which report you read and while it may seem high for a 31 year old, it could prove to be a bargain for somebody – will it be Spurs?



  1. More rubbish re-print if you want to have a blog then give us some Exclusive news instead of crap you read on newsnow.

  2. I don’t think this can be true:
    1) 12 million for a player without any resale value? Levy, anybody?
    2) I suppose his wages are not really peanuts…
    3) Physical lone forward…?
    4) Yet another 30 (31) year old donkey?
    No, no, no…

  3. I wish this story was true , imagine Villa up front with Negrado or Higuain . We were supposed to have a special relationship with Real Madrid so I cant understand why Higuain is linked to a move to Arsenal he should have been offered to us first not the Arse .Real seem to use this special relationship when they want a deal for themselves eg. Modric

  4. Don’t dismiss Villa – remember what Klinsman did for us and he was no spring chicken was he? I’d rather have a 31 year old Villa than our current pair of wozzocks.

  5. The Spur’s Champion’s League curse continues, it seems always at the hand’s of London rival’s.
    Food poisoning at West Ham, Chelsea’s improbable victory in the Champions League, The Arse pipping us by one point this season.
    As much as we look at as bad luck unfortunately we ‘tanked’ it, seven points clear of The Arse and then we drop silly points to Wigan and Fulham at home, while The Arse go on a ten match unbeaten run.
    Adebeyor must go, Im sick of seeing him miss chance’s and then have a big smile on his face, Defoe was non existent in the second half of the season, god only know’s where we would have finished up without Bale.
    We needed a top notch striker in the January transfer window and Levy sat on his hand’s and money and we suffered with one of the if not worst attacking combinations in the EPL.
    The question is now do we sell Bale and bolster the Squad with at least two quality strikers and a wide left sided midfielder (Robben – from Bayern??.)


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