It was the outcome that most of us had expected – a win for Spurs that wasn’t quite enough as Arsenal went on to claim the points at Newcastle. The sane supporters among us know that’s it been a positive first season for Andre Villas-Boas but it’s still hard not to feel flat this morning.

As for AVB himself, the head coach was in positive mood as he praised a squad that took us to a record points haul of 72 in the Premier League.

“The players have been absolutely immense in how willing they were to achieve our objective,” said Andre.

72 points would have taken us to the Champions League in the previous 13 seasons but Andre felt this was a reflection of the Premiership’s current strength.

“With this amount of points, what can you learn is that the level has gone up, and it will go up again next season because you expect Liverpool to be in the mix too,” he added.

“We have to continue to raise the bar.

Positive results against the top four sides have also been a highlight of this campaign and that should lead to an improvement in 2013-14.

“We’ve given a good run to Arsenal and Chelsea, teams who play for the title. We’re not very far away from them, so let’s take this lesson into the future and make it better next time,” AVB concluded.



  1. I cant believe im reading that Spurs are after Moutinho I would have expected to hear we are after 1 or maybe 2 top class strikers does Mr Levy & AVB not understand that the reason we have failed to qualify for the champions league once again is because our strikers are not good enough. Alvaro Negrado is practically begging someone to sign him in England and Gonzalo Higuaine also wants a move and with our special relationship with Real Madrid surely it would be easy to get him. Spurs are just one big joke its so sad.

  2. Frustrating to put it mildly, still at least we’re not pretending that 4th spot is actually a title yet – that is sad! Poor old arsene has a trophy cabinet full of top 4 finishes – bet they don’t take long to dust!! How will arsenal attract the real big names with “ambition” like that?
    No we’re reeling arsenal in for sure season after season and its now only a matter of time. At least we can win the EL, arsenal have got zero chance of winning the CL. A few years ago they would have been after Bale – oh how the once-mighty have fallen………..
    In fact you could argue that being able to join spurs with Bale in the squad is a bigger attraction to the big names, despite playing in the EL, and have no doubt Bale will stay.
    Besides chelsea’s victory in amsterdam looked pretty good to me – certainly better than arsenal’s forgettable CL campaign.
    If Levy comes out of his coma we can sign the players we want EARLY and perhaps just sneak a bonus bargain on deadline day to keep sky happy.
    arsenal will continue to stagnate, and Chelsea, man city and utd are all in flux due to managerial changes (everton too); next season could be special, the seasons after will see us break into the top 4 IF the board and levy support avb.

  3. @ the_unchosen_one, are you mental? Don’t get me wrong, it pains me to say it but given that Spurs and Arsenal were similiar ‘size’ clubs c. 20 years ago what that lot have achieved compared to us in that time can’t be questioned. Numerous actual trophies (not just the CC), a brand new stadium that frankly makes The Lane look like even more of a shit hole than it was before and 16 consecutive Champions League qualifications (assuming they get past the qualifying round this year). In that time we have managed what, a single CC and 1 solitary CL qualification. You have to face facts mate, any true Spurs fan would give their right arm for the relative success that Arsenal have enjoyed in a period that you are referring to in terms of ‘decline’ and ‘stagnation’.
    Frankly it’s embarrassing to have fellow Spurs “supporters” who are so bitter and envious that you have to pretend that yesterday (and every other season for the last God knows how many years) was anything other than heartbreaking for us and glorious for the boys in red and white.

    • Who are you hiding behind a computer tosser your 20 points behind man utd now cunt piss off onto your own website afo loving cunt

  4. Happy St. Totteringhamsday folks! Enjoy Thursday football!


    Always saying you will finish above Arsenal. Never do. Never will.

  5. Why you guys are whinning about 4th place spot? That’s is spot of Arsenal ever worst for fuck shake!!! It’s because Arsenal have to pay debt for glorious amazing stadium, and once it over, you’ll see big names come to Emirates again. Does the rumour that your shit clun want to build new stadium is true? Try on mate. You will sell lots of player and buy average and trying to maintain high position (1-2-3-4th place) to make sure for the sponsors. Wenger have done that and prove he could? Does Ferguson do that? Does he has a financial limitation? Does AVB ever been tried in that position? Villas-Boas was once given authority to buy stars player in Chelsea with his shitty sugar daddy but he failed. How’s that?

    SO fuck up and stop moaning with your current position!! Be grateful you have already reaching 5th-6th place regularly!


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