Depending on which report you read, Tottenham’s Gareth Bale is about to agree a new deal at the club worth anywhere between £130,000 and £200,000 a week. However, all sources seem to be agreed on a release clause saying that the player can leave at the end of the next campaign if a bid of £50 million comes in.

Speaking after Sunday’s game at White Hart Lane, Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas said that he was confident Bale would be at Spurs for another season at least.

“It is very, very difficult to lure a player of this dimension away,” Andre claimed.

“You have to hold onto your best assets.”

Daniel Levy also made comments in regard to retaining players for next season but the Chairman has been picked up on his message with claims that the relevant wording isn’t as strong as it has been in previous years.

So we await official word from the club but while it looks as if a new deal for Bale is likely, will it be enough to keep Europe’s big spenders at arm’s length for another year?



  1. Yes if you like lies and crap read the mail and its partners however a figure of 130k seems more like the mark.We missed out when we did not get Lukaka from chelski on loan.Don’t know if it was ever a runner but he would have made a massive difference.Great player with pace and power.Maybe AVB might have second thoughts and try and get him for next season on loan.Worth a punt.

    • I like Lukaka but I’m not interested in loan deals or cheap deals with temperamental players (i.e. Ade). It’s time Levy/Lewis make a complete commitment to our striker needs, even if that means getting into debt.

      I’m looking to sell Ade and Defoe.

      So we can get in.
      1. Benteke.
      2. One from Carroll/Negrado/Alvero
      3. Remy

      I also want Son as a possible 4th choice, utility player.

      It wont be cheap, I make it around £50m but that’s what we will get for Bale one day.

  2. IF we have to sell… We need to use ALL of the money. And we can’t spread it around too. I would think that players want to play with the best right? Then the only way any other world class player is going to come is if they know Bale is still here. Bale leaving is pretty much Spurs going back to mid table for a good long while.


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