If you’re travelling the globe and all you are ever confronted with is a sea of Manchester United shirts then you could be forgiven for thinking the support for Spurs across the world is dwindling.

However, if you follow the official social media of the club then you’ll know that regular shout outs are given to supporters associations in Europe and beyond prior to any game.

That support also thrives in America where this great video shows the NY Spurs as they enjoy this season’s home win over Arsenal in O’ Casey’s Bar and Restaurant in Manhattan.


New York is also the home of devoted Spurs fan Adam Richman who also made a memorable video earlier this season as he toured the stadium. Best known for his work on Man v Food, Adam gets all emotional as he tours the ground and it’s a nice one to watch if you haven’t seen it before.


So despite the sea of red in some parts of the world, support for the planet’s finest continues to thrive.




  1. Spurs games fill plenty of pubs here in Australia. When you think that the games start at midnight (if we’re lucky) then thats not too bad. From Melbourne to Darwin to Perth and all stops inbetween. Spurs are huge down here. I’ve yet to see a derby in a pub and be outnumbered by opposition fans,especially arseanal. Oz Spurs membership is huge…COYS

  2. For all the gooners arrogance,the spurs are really well supported here in nz.While I cannot comment on the rest of the country.I know for a fact,that for every gooner,in my local area,there are at least fdour Tottenham.have found a lot of those that supposedly supported the arse,were only plastics fans during there dominit period of about 9 years ago. many of them have all reverted back to being ManU fans again.

  3. After spending four months travelling around South America it’s a sea of Chelsea blue speckled with a few reds mostly. Not a spurs shirt in sight.. Although Rohan Rickets is plying his trade in Ecuador

  4. Long time Spurs fan living in Shanghai, China. Still play football, but I’m the lone Spurs fan in the team. Just want to know if there’s a Spurs Fan Club or a bar for Spurs fan here. Would love to join. Thx.

  5. Spurs fan in St. Louis – my father was a regular at WHL in the 60s! Went to the Chelsea v Manchester City exhibition tonight proudly wearing my Spurs shirt, as was my son.

  6. I moved to Warsaw from London about 18 months back. Been contact with the official Spurs club here in Poland. It’s been going 15 years and numbers about 50. Of course I wear Spurs branded items at every opportunity.

  7. Hi….. to all the Spurs fan in the world.
    I’m a Spurs fan from Singapore and i have been a Spurs fan since i was 10 and i’m 43 now.
    It has not been easy to be a Spurs fan as there are more Gooner and Devil over here….
    and over all this years we have been mock by them over our failure to achieve anything….but i always
    tell myself that when the time come it will be sweet and lasting….hopefully i don’t have to wait too long.
    Spurs Forever……

  8. lol c’mon! u spurs ..official figures 3.million loyal army of fans british Isles & 179.million yid army! worldwide new stadium planned north london is ours! spooks ghost town berserkers casuals dudes posse outlaws lilywhites lol…

  9. hi there! here’s a shoutout from kuala lumpur malaysia! come on you spurs!!!!

    spurs since 1985…next season is ours! COYS!!!

  10. hi, all spurs fan. Am from nigeria, africa. There seems not to be many of spurs fan here in nigeria,but the campaign is on. Love you all guys.COYS


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