2013-14 could be a breakthrough campaign for Tottenham’s reserve midfielder Tom Carroll after the player impressed during some brief appearances last term. However, the 21 year old could find it even harder to make an impact due to some expected new arrivals at the Lane and he’s aware of just how important pre-season will be.

“Last pre-season I did well and it’s always a chance for the younger lads to impress,” said Tom on the club’s Official Website.

“If you get a chance, you have to take it and if you do well, you will be trusted when the season starts.

“Last season was a positive for me and hopefully I’ll push on again and make more appearances.”

The anticipated arrival of Paulinho may not affect Carroll’s chances of making the first team as that deal could lead to the departure of one or more senior midfielders. However, if 17 year old Alen Halilovic follows the Brazilian then Tom may fall down the pecking order and be looking at a loan to another Premiership club.

Last year’s Pre-season fixtures undoubtedly helped Tom Carroll impress incoming boss Andre Villas-Boas but can he maintain that form and become a regular member of the first team squad next season?




  1. Assuming we play 4-3-3 and also assuming Huddlestone and Parker leave and Paulinho arrives, then we’ll have Livermore, Holtby and Carroll backing up Sandro, Paulinho and Dembele. Townsend, Syg and Dempsey will back up Lennon and Bale.
    Looking at the squad, we only need a top class striker and we’re sorted

  2. I think Carroll has been screwed over by the amount of central midfielders spurs sign….

    Dont get me wrong I understand Paulinho, he is probably our best central midfielder now but I cant see the huge need for him unless they belive his goals from midfield is what we are missing.

    If you consider 2 players per position from the 5 midfield roles then its going to be tough for Tom,
    1 DM Sandro, Parker
    2 CM Dembele, Holtby
    3 AM Paulinho, Dempsey
    4 RW Bale, Townsend
    5 LW Sigurdsson, Lennon

    Now unless a few are sold it leaves Huddlestone, Carroll and Livermore with no chance

  3. Wow they say fans don’t make good Managers and reading these blogs now i no why. Before you right a blog do some homework before Huddlestone came back we struggled fo a passer especially from deep and at Ansfield this was shown up and we got beat. Why do i want Huddlestone according to some hes slow cant tackle well he has played 9 times at center Half and never been on the losing side is last one at Basle. What does he give us Paulinho Sandro and others cant well for a starters hes 6ft3 second tallest behind injured Kaboul so his extra height at corners free kicks is a plus. Now is speed the reason he is not a Bale is twofold is size but he can open up is long legs when he needs to but if he was a runner then we would not need him and he would not have developed is passing skills. Messi cant hit a shot or a pass has long has Hudds can but neither can Hudds dribble like Messi . All teams should have one quarter Back runners and Defense, this is the same in Grid Iron and football is no different you have to get the ball up the other end quickly by fast runners a Passer or if yourl lucky 600 passes then give it Messi. The prem would finish Messi by injury or exhaustion trying to get away from the most energized league in the World. This is why i new UTD would win the League when Carrick was brought back in to beat Wigan and other teams that shocked them the year before. I have to tell my fans i have a bit more insight has to why no game is a give me anymore in the Premiership and beyond. Believe me five minuets with me and you would no why Huddlestone is a key player in our squad and why we never lost a game when he came back and if our defense had been Walker Dawson Kaboul Vertonghan i am sure we would of finished 3rd we scored 11 and conceded 6 four of them where against Wigan and Chelsea one desperate and the other even more. My verdict is Tom Carrol only offers age because every pass he can make Hudds can make it faster longer with backspin so when the ball arrives it stops at your feet something half our fans cant see he strokes the ball at the bottom imparting bottom spin like a golf shot or snooker shot. He is also two footed meaning if hes rushed he doesn’t need to do a Parker and do a full circleto pass. He also has a thunderbolt shot My final thought on my rant for not sell Huddelstone has a big if and its if the two operations he had has solved the problem because we all no he had a great shot but its now like a gun without sights and he has not scored for 18 months. This ankle was troubling him for most if not all of those 18 months and Harry played Hudds with pain killing injections caused more damage hence two operations to try and fix it. He failed a medical at Stoke and this is why i leave a question mark a very sad one that if we sell him he does not get back to the player who strokes a ball with both feet like a guided missile and a thunder shot. We already lost 50 million to Berbatov boot when Fulham shocked us without a passer so i don’t want Hudds to do the same for Sunderland or Fulham. Make no mistake Paulinho is a fine player but in the Prem the best players cant find the space to flourish and show there skills because tiredness has been eradicated by supplements legal ones and not so legal like Kolo Toure used, If you put this into your thinking when we face a team you may just think twice about flogging the one player who gets the ball down the field quicker than any player even Bale in full flight.

  4. Tom Carroll should be the first on the team sheet. Him and Pritchard are the only creative players at the club.

    Spurs now have 6 defensive midfielders. How boring.


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