While one name continues to dominate the headlines the proposed deal to bring Roberto Soldado to White Hart Lane has almost been pushed to one side but hopefully something will be agreed and we’ll get some positive news on this from the club shortly.

In the meantime, Jermain Defoe believes that the Spaniard’s arrival could be the one that takes Spurs to the next level.

“I can see why Spurs fans would be excited about Soldado coming because I am excited myself about the prospect of playing with him,” Defoe is quoted as saying in the Daily Mirror. “He is a fantastic striker – sharp around the box and hungry to score goals.”

Rather than feeling threatened by the potential new arrival, Defoe is looking forward to the prospect of linking up with Soldado.

“For me, it’s not a case of thinking, ‘A top-class forward is coming in, maybe I’m not going to play.’ At the end of the day, I work hard and look after myself, so that I can give myself the best chance of bringing goals to the team,” JD added.

“A guy like Soldado can only strengthen us. Maybe if we’d had him last season as well as Emmanuel Adebayor we would already be in the Champions League. He’s a goalscorer.”

Would you pair Defoe and Soldado up front or do you think the club should bring in another forward – assuming of course that the Spaniard does complete the deal?



  1. I think Soldado is enough for us up front if we keep JD, Ade and Bale. Will most likely play 4-3-3 so will mainly play Bale + 1 of these 3. Rotation the key though and JD also good impact sub. Ade’s role would be limited if all stay fit but then we all know that is never the case.

  2. ade would play before defoe in that system, defoe doesnt have the necessary skills to play as a target man we were much better shape wise last year with ade as the target man (see chelsea away) the most defoe could hope for is 10 minutes here and there

  3. I Think we should get rid of Adebayor & keep Defoe and Soldado if he is really going to join us , I also think we should get in another striker so we will have 2 top quality strikers & Defoe . I don’t understand why Tottenham are really keeping us in the dark over what’s happening with Soldado I think it’s so unprofessional.

    • its levy again trying to be a fucking smart arse again this is the cunt who cost us champions league football the last 2 seasons when he would not sanction tranfer deals in the jan window the blokes a fucking mug


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