Tottenham centre half Jan Vertonghen has been out of pre-season action since picking up an injury on the treacherous surface during the club’s recent trip to Hong Kong. The problem was never likely to be particularly serious but there were fears that the Belgian could be out until the end of this month, thereby missing games against Crystal Palace, Swansea and Arsenal.

However, with the new campaign just nine days away, Jan has spoken to the press for the first time since the incident and he may just have allayed fears of a defensive crisis in the centre of the park.

“It was two weeks ago that I was injured in Hong Kong and I’m making a lot of progress,” Vertonghen said.

“I’m starting to run, but the next game is in 10 days’ time so it is going to be quite close. You never know what can happen and I will always aim for the best and hope next week I’ll be very close.”

With Steven Caulker having left the club and Younes Kaboul still struggling with long term injury, Spurs were heading for a bit of an issue at the centre but Jan’s words suggest that in the worst case scenario he will just miss the opener and return in time for Swansea the following week.



  1. Have an exclusive bit of info to share with you. Just remember; you heard it here first.

    If you think the Bale saga is showing THFC in a bad light Liverpool are a complete shambles.

    Bale is going to Real Madrid but Spurs are trying to bring in Suarez from Liverpool. Any deal will involve players going to Anfield and they ARE INTERESTED in taking Jermaine Defoe, Tom Huddlestone and Aaron Lennon. Scott Parker is a further possibility.

    Suarez has dropped them right in it and they need a proven goal scorer like Defoe to play with Daniel Sturridge.

    This is the reason some of the players mentioned have not already left Tottenham. Spurs thought they had Benteke but his decision to stay at Villa stopped all the other moves.

    Suarez is the man Spurs want to play with Soldado. That is why Brendan Rogers has been talking up the value of Suarez because Spurs value him at 40 million.

    • I don’t think so mate. Anyway, secret squirrel told me that Spurs don’t want racists and certainly not rabid dogs.

  2. Suarez is a disgrace. He should ever be allowed to wear a SPURS shirt !!!!!

    He is a great footballer, but I would not want him at SPURS.
    We stand for more than that.

    Our team is the strongest I have ever seen. Fuck Real’s fake millions. They still owe us money for Modric.
    Keep Bale and win the title.
    That is my wet dream.


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