Just under seven days ago there was so much media speculation over the transfers of Vlad Chiriches and Erik Lamela that Ajax’s Christian Eriksen almost arrived at the Lane unnoticed. However, anyone who has seen the 21 year old perform either for his Dutch club or the Danish national side will be aware that he may well prove to be our most effective acquisition of the recent window.

At a quoted fee of around £11m, this could also be the biggest bargain for any Premiership club and while we look forward to Eriksen’s performances on the pitch, the player himself has been talking to Spurs TV about the move and his hopes for the coming season.

Talking about Tottenham’s approach Eriksen said,

“There were a lot of rumours, but I only felt right about the approach from Tottenham. The club followed me for a long time and really showed intent.

“It was the whole package that attracted me. I spoke briefly with the manager and my impression is that he is a very good manager. The goal is to challenge for the title. That is what the club wants and that is what I want.”

Eriksen left Champions League football behind but he insists he is determined to fire Tottenham back to the top. Asked what his aims were this year he replied,

“What everyone wants and that’s to be one of the top three – maybe even the top!”

There’s been a lot of crowing from the other side of North London concerning the amount of money laid out by this club but once Eriksen settles in, our relatively cheap signing will be a joy to watch in this campaign.



  1. I am so pleased that Spurs managed to acquire Eriksen and I know he will fit into the team quite easily. We have missed Modric since he left us to those scumbags at Real Madrid…so called partners and now we have a great replacement although a slightly different player to Modric. I think Christian can also spot a pass like Modric but unlike him has a better and more frequent shot at goal.

    The next important thing that Spurs should do is abandon this so called partnership with Real Madrid because they are just using us and have no sense of an alliance with us as we have just seen the way they carried on. Acting as if they had signed Bale long before they ever did plus the only reason they signed Bale was for politcal reasons. Also they way they went about tapping up Bale was astonishing and received no warning or punishment from UEFA as always. They have a different set of rules for their two biggest money earners being Barcelona and Real Madrid.

  2. And the subtext of what he said is :
    “If ManU, ManC, Chelsea or Arsenal had come in for me, I would’ve gone to them in a heartbeat ahead of EuropaSpurs.”

    • Actually before we signed Ozil, he maybe consider Manchester United, City or Chelsea considering the mega salary package that he will earn at those clubs.

      But Arsenal are in good direction for the self sustaining financial power like Munich did. It’s just a matter of time until we can offer mega salary package to any star player who want to join us.

      • I think he came to us because he knew for sure we would offer him a place in the starting 11. I don’t think he’s got a spot on Arsenal and Chelsea’s team as they are pretty deep in creative mids. United are too stuck up to consider an up and comer, which is why he landed perfectly on our doorstep. Thank you to the conditions of european elites he can come here to groom his game, and hopefully stay loyal and grow with our club.


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