Tottenham’s 1-1 draw with Chelsea yesterday briefly took us to the top of the Premiership table but surely the majority of us will feel as if it’s two points dropped. That’s not a moan and it’s a massive improvement on the 2-4 in last season’s corresponding fixture but the game was there for the taking and Jermain Defoe’s guilt edged chance would usually have resulted in the ball hitting the back of the net.

However, after the match, head coach Andre Villas-Boas pointed to an earlier incident and cited it as the pivotal point in the contest.

“I think the decisive moment in the end is Paulinho hitting the post just before half-time,” said Andre.

“If that had gone in it could have put us in a good position and we deserved that for the first half we played.

“The second half wasn’t really well played by both teams. I think Chelsea had the upper hand on the counter attack, looked strong and deserved to get the equaliser from the set-play.

Andre also conceded that the result, in the end, was just about fair.

“The result serves them better, for sure. It keeps us near the top, and that’s what we wanted. It’s not a bad result, just a pity our second half wasn’t as good as the first.

“It was a hard battle, both teams wanted to win and a fair result.”

Next up in the league is Sunday’s home game with West Ham but prior to that we face the long trip to face Anzhi for Thursday night’s Europa League clash.



  1. That was Dembele’s best game in while. Glad to see Townsend looking to pass once in a while. Paulinho needs to sharpen up just a bit.

  2. Fantastic first 45 min. But credit to chelski for coming back at us in the second half.
    But for f……. sake. That should have been 3 points. Paulinho in the first and then Defoe usually puts chances like that away. On top of that, the strike by Holtby.
    I know Lloris had another good game in goal. But we are playing like a top of the table kind of team……
    And a Dembe-fucking-le master class. WOW!!!

    In AVB and Levy we trust


  3. Ok, let’s be fair to this.




    Ok, each London teams (whether it’s you spuds, chelshit, or us) should beat Liverpool and Everton! And absolutely those noisy Manchesters!

    This is London year! The big four is London’s!

    Hell yeah! COYG!

  4. It seems that every season, EPL always produce a Welsh Wizard.

    Seasons before it was Giggs, and lead Manchester to their successful years. Last season, and seasons before, it was Bale, and he pull your club alone to the big five.

    This year…. it’s Ramsey! And good news is he a gunner!

    So it’s not Mesut Ozil who push Arsenal to top league, it’s our Welsh Wizard, Ramsey!

    Didn’t you guys see his stamina? He’s just like Bale, a stamina monster, but with better technical ability and also he is a good tackler. His work rate is amazing too.

    We’re happy we had him! He’s waaaay better than Eriksen. His stamina is the plus point from Eriksen.

    I bet if he does head-to-head with Eriksen for 90 minutes of offense and drive back to defense and tackle and go back to offense, covering midfield and flank and tackle, and go fast counter attack and go back defence to win the ball again, Eriksen will be exhausted to DEATH!

  5. Dembele brilliant. AVB less so on the day – great first half, team well set up, but he clearly needed to put on Sandro early in the second half to break up attacks by Chelsea who had truly got their act together by then. Chadli is not yet a turn-to player, like Lamela, but Sandro is and might have turned the game back to us. I think Spurs should have had 3 points, despite Chelsea’s excellent 2nd half showing.


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