Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen features in a number of media reports today with the club’s official website revealing that our number 23 has picked up the Danish FA footballer of the year trophy for the second time in his career.

Eriksen had been left out of Spurs’ starting line up in preference to Lewis Holtby but his performance in the Europa League against Sheriff showed that he must surely be an integral part of a talented side that somehow needs to realise its true potential.

For Sunday’s game against Newcastle, Eriksen was handed the Rafael van der Vaart role – just behind the lone striker – and he confessed he was a little surprised to start in that slot.

“It was new and a surprise. I did not expect to play there but I tried to seize the opportunity,” the Dane said.

“We have many players, so it’s just up to the coach who he thinks is doing well.”

He also confessed that the initial part of his Tottenham career hadn’t quite gone to plan,

I’m trying to show myself off in the Europa League for the chance to play in the Premier League. It’s gone well. It’s a slight disappointment not to play, but it’s part of it when there are so many players,” Eriksen added.




  1. Pochitto’s Southampton score on their counter attacks.
    6 goals from open play in 11 Prem games is not going to cut it. AVB needs to change things up. Soldado has so far proved ineffective as a lone Prem league striker, likewise DeFoe cannot cut it against Prem Defences. Give Adebayor a run out with one of them to give the midfield a tall striker to aim for. In the last EL game the ball was constantly played to the far post by Townsend/Walker for our giant striker Lennon to jump for. unbelievable. Give Kane, Coulibaly or Coulthirst a run out a a sun to get some exposure.

    • ADE looked silky smooth in the last 4 games or so last year. To me the wages are enough to justify to at least give him a start in Europe or a cup game.

  2. Eriksen plays the vdv role holtby plays the modric role. Thats exactly what we need with townsend lw and lamela rw and lennon as impact sub

    • It doesn’t work because they are TOO SIMILAR ! They both pick up eachother’s positions in the final third, thereby restricting eachother’s chances on goal. Soldado and Ade is a better bet, or more experimental, Dembele behind Soldado might work too…

      • well worth a try ade and soldado with dembele behind this is the position he play at fulham before we signed him why sign him and not play him there I am confused

  3. I entirely agree with Tryme (I might just do that big boy) It is soooo obvious that we only really need Sandro as DM with Holtby and Erikson in front, Lamella on the right and Chjadli on the left. Lennon and Townsend rotated R and L respectively. If we play 2 in DM rol it has to be Sandro and Capue rotated with Paulhinio. Sell Djembele and Sell Siggy, why he did not let him go to Reading when they offered 10 mill last season is beyond me. He is a number 10 anyway not a left winger, inverted or otherwise. So come on AVB give me football that get me wet wet wet, harry did it how about you.# you have not had hot girl until you have had HH

    • All Harry did was play playground football. We attack you you attack us. All it does is invite pressure and wins nothing. AVB did better than Harry last season (points total) without King, Vdv, Modric etc forget about Harry he was crap.

    • can;t understand horny helen avb signs dembele from fulham and not once has he played in that role for us my conclusion he aint got a clue just ask the chelses fans they started doing well when they sacked him ?
      I agree with you sell siggi along with dawson naughton and holtby

  4. How much better do you think Holtby and Eriksen are right now(development wise) then Tom Carroll ? Surely Carroll could have picked the lock at least once. Also, can Spurs recall BAE during winter window ?

    • Infinitely better both have extensive cl experience. Eriksen has nearly 50 caps and world cup apprearances under his belt. holtby captained the German u21 side. Both have played over 100 league games. Carroll is only potentially a good player they have proven they are. If they are unable to unlock a game he has no chance!

  5. Position just behind the striker you will
    see the best of this kid because his passing is second to none he sees the pass before he gets and if can get those legs moving he just might benefit from and we need pace down the wing so put walker down there.


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