Tim Sherwood has named an attacking line up for tonight’s Capital One Cup tie with West Ham. Both Jermain Defoe and Emmanuel Adebayor start in a 4-4-2 as the interim coaching staff immediately scrap AVB’s formation that had come under so much scrutiny in this campaign.

Our full line up reads,

Lloris; Walker, Chiriches, Capoue, Rose; Lennon, Dembele, Sigurdsson, Townsend; Adebayor, Defoe.

Ryan Fredericks gets another opportunity on the bench after an impressive display against Anzhi two weeks’ ago – our subs are

Friedel, Fredericks, Fryers, Chadli, Eriksen, Holtby, Soldado.

What’s your opinion? Are you happy to see the club revert to two up front?



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  1. I’m not convinced it’s the answer, but I suppose it’s worth a try. If it is to be the solution — or at least an option — for the future, I would like to see Soldado play with Adebayor (which, I suppose, will be particularly necessary if Defoe leaves!). Siggi “partnering” with Dembele in the center is intriguing. I’m wondering a bit about creativity coming through the middle, but Siggi is better in a central role.

  2. Tim sherwood = yes man. And all u mugs are gonna get carried away after winning tonight then avb will be cracking up at my club when we still ain’t qualified for champions league the next two seasons all because u clueless dickheads brains are controlled by the media and press! Go fuck off and support your local team or chelsea coz that’s exactly what my clubs so called fans have become wanting bae back u bunch of cunts, I hope he fucking dies now almost as much as Judas but then u pricks probably think that cunt was right to go to the scum

  3. Really impressed already, just hope Soldado gets half an hour in a 4-4-2 though. Be nice to just play with a flat back four and one holding midfielder and let the rest of the team do their stuff! Looks like a HR set up. Away from home I would love to see a 4-4-1-1 that gives eriksen the deeper forward. This isn’t by any means a defensive set up because of our wide players that break and take people on from wide area’s. Good luck Tim hope you are really successful!

  4. Its more of an attacking team, apart from capoue in defence again! but get rid of defoe hes rubbish. Fredericks, lamela, holtby and soldado should be playing and we will see a true spurs side.

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  5. Its all about getting the ball to lennon and townsend and letting them hit abe.

    It is the keep it simple stupid plan that will work
    If our midfield two can deal with their 3.

    It will be entertaining. I believe 4-3 to spurs.

  6. Lamela not even named on the bench is a bit disappointing. Hopefully, the lad has not completely lost self-confidence. He should be given a run of games to get him back in a footballing mindset. The sooner we can integrate Eriksen in an attacking midfield role behind the forwards the better. I think the key will be for both attacking wingers to get back and provide defensive coverage when needed because our 2 central midfielders are likely going to have a lot to contend with int he middle of the park. But with Rose and Walker in LB/RB, we should have good overlapping action with the attacking wingers and there should be a lot more service to the forwards. I understand the selection of Ade with Defoe because they did have pretty good link up play in Ade’s first season at WHL on loan, so presumably there is a better understanding between the two, but if reports are to be believed that Defoe is headed to Toronto in the new year, then I would have put Soldado up front to start establishing a rapport with Adebayor if we are going to switch to a 4-4-2 for the rest of the season. I guess all is up in the air depending on whether Tim Sherwood is given the caretaker nod through the end of the season or just the next few games, in which case, a new coach will likely shuffle things around again in terms of formation/tactics and team selection.

    Let’s hope we get the post-sack bounce tonight and on Sunday. COYS!

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