Our Team to Face Swansea – what’s yours?

Our Team to Face Swansea – what’s yours?


The only real injury news coming out of White Hart Lane is that Gylfi Sigurdsson is fit and ready to face one of his former clubs at the Liberty Stadium on Sunday. Tim Sherwood also reported that Jan Vertonghen and Younes Kaboul were back in training yet unavailable while Paulinho is also ruled out. There was no definitive word on Sandro, Erik Lamela or Kyle Walker, all of whom have been nursing injuries.

“We’ve got a few lads back training now,” said Sherwood.

“We are very competitive and we’re going in there with a very strong squad for this game and we hope that we can come away with all the points.”

The coach has the option of fielding the same side for the third game in a row and – with the possible exception of Walker – we think he’s likely to do just that.

Andros Townsend, Sigurdsson and possibly Sandro could be battling to break into that starting XI but after an unbeaten run in the league, we can’t see the boss making too many changes.

Here’s our pick but what’s your view?


  1. Can’t argue with an unchanged team. However, would like to see Townsend on the left asap to give natural balance and a bit of protection for Rose.

    Tough game and need to start far better than we did last week. Winnable game though – COYS!!


    • Swansea are no Arsenal but I agree they will keep the ball better than Spurs if Sherwood plays 4 in the middle of the park again.

      Last week Swansea had over 60% possession at Old Trafford so for me it will be interesting to see if Sherwood has learnt from his mistake where he plays with a man down in midfield to a team that can pass the ball around excellent.

      I say drop Soldado and play Townsend on the left with Eriksen play just behind Adebayor.


  3. …and now for something completely different:
    Naughton, Dawson, Chiriches
    Lennon, Lamela, Chadli, Eriksen
    Adebayor, Soldado

  4. Lloris
    Naughton, Dawson, Chiriches, Rose
    Lennon, Lamela, Sandro Eriksen
    Adebayor Soldado

    I like Rose still improving, Dembele does not seem fully fit at the moment. Doubtful about Naughton though.

    • Sell, Adebayor, Naughton, Carrol, Chiriches,Rose and Lamela(as he’s not happy here).Give Saldaldo another dozen games and if no improvement, he can go too.

  5. Lloris
    Walker, Dawson, Chiriches, Rose
    Lennon, Capoue, Dembele, Townsend

    We add numbers in midfield to combat Swansea’s 5 there. Use Capoue to put pressure on Swansea’s possession game. Then hit them on the counter attack with the pace of Lennon and Townsend.

    • I agree wth your team selection + the obvious counter attack.Glad to see you left out Adebayor, can’t see why many fans think he’s great all of a sudden.His positional play is a disaster and fiishing too !


    • Agree with your side. Soldado or Adebayor, either one up front as neither can hit a barn door from 2 foot at present, but Ade is better in the air and did set up Eriksens goal last week with a great header. Soldado looks shot.

        • Except Naughton is crap. He can defend ok on occasion, but almost every single one of his passes goes straight back to the opposition and puts us on the back foot.

          I think both fryers and fredericks look better than Naughton at present, and even if we don’t do it til the summer, I think we should sell Naughton as he just is not good enough to play for spurs.

          Fredericks I think will be a great player, once he gets the build to be a defender. He is a little too lean at the moment but is still young. I think over the next 18 months we will see him fill out and bulk up a lot!

          • Agree Fredericks is better than Naughton but he’s at Millwall. I sincerely hope he gets better so we can ditch Walker !!

  6. Lloris – Naughton – Dawson – Chiriches – Rose – capoue – Dembele – Lennon – Ericksen – Townsend – Adebeyor

    Swansea will give us a hard game with thier passing and control thru the midfield, also would like capoue protecting the back four as weve been very open and easily exposed in this area and with city coming up we will need capoue and sandro if fit to break them op. not sure if townsend is fully fit but would love to him and lennon using thier pace down the flanks.

    • I would switch Dembele, play him up front instead of Adebajor and in is place Sandro(if fit). Dembele had a great partnership with Dempsey at Fulham, I’d play him alongside Townsend upfront. Naughton and Rose are both liabilities, but injuries necesitate them playing.


  7. I cant see TS dropping the kid Bentaleb after his MOTM performance last week. Plus he is our most mobile CM player and this will be needed against a fast passing Swansea team. Soldado deserves to be dropped on last weeks performance. Id like to see TS go with a 4-3-3 for this one with. Eriksen has been good on the left and is the one midfielder we have who can score regularly so deserves to keep his place, with Townsend perhaps on late as the game opens up. Assuming Vertongen, Walker and Kaboul are not fit to start:
    Naughton – Dawson – Chiriches – Rose
    Bentaleb – Sandro – Dembele
    Lennon – Adebayor – Eriksen

  8. If Sandro is fit he must must play he is such a top quality DM, use him or loose him. I would drop Soldado and bring in Sandro, and When Paulhinio is fit he must also play instead of Djembele, A Brazzilian core thrills me, I have a Brazzilian core boys. HHXX

  9. I hope Sherwood can get rid of some of Spurs mediocre players and bring in some top players instead.

    Whatever formation is picked with the current squad of players is going to be an average top eight team, because the players are nothing special, with the exception of Vertonghen, Lloris and Pritchard (when he gets the chance).

    • I agree, get rid of the mediocre players.I would add however that Dembele and Towsend are also better than average players.But we lack enough real class in areas, 2 in deffence 1or2 MF and at least 1 real striker. Adebayor is a bad joke, and Saldaldo a huge let down.

  10. You Guys are unfair toward adebayor
    If he is doing his job I would agree
    To be honest he is the man right now whether you like it or not

  11. Not sure why adebeyor is copping so much s**t. seems to be an easy scapegoat. like it or not the guy is here for the rest of the season at least and he’s looking very deteermined, his work rate is excellenr and when he plays well he lifts the team

  12. Ade is here until 2015 please and his wages is £100.000 with spurs and another £40.000 a week with man city (which is finishing at end of this month)
    Do not believe that £170.000 a week fabricated by media

  13. Walker is injured so Naughton will deputize. I agree with Fryers instead of Rose. I also agree that we should pack the midfield against Swansea. So my team would be:

    Adebayor/Soldado **

    * Depending on Sandro’s fitness but if he is fit he would be my choice ahead of Capue
    ** Start with Ade up front but if he is bollox then sub in Soldado in second half

  14. I would play one up front with Ade getting the edge. I would play Sandro if fit instead of saldodo. This would allow Dembele and Bentaleb to get further fwd with Sandro providing better cover 4 the CB. Bring Townsend on in the 2nd half on the left to exploit any spaces. I just hope Tim has worked on the team shape when defending. Defoe could be a good 2nd half sub if the game is tight.

  15. Wenger had warned AVB about squad overhaul early this season. Manchester City did this too but with their infinite bloody oil money, they can sell and buy whoever not suited to the team. 7 new players from different football league and different nationality with different language meet on a very intense league. Need time to gel up, I’m not surprise if Spurs failed to reach 4th again this season (as we also had Manchester United, Liverpool, and Everton competing that place)

    Next season, if we could keep 7 players we bought, we will be deadly. With a manager that has a good vision also.


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