There was good news for Spurs fans as Jan Vertonghen and Paulinho returned to training yesterday but as yet, there’s no word as to when either will be fit for selection. Both men could face a battle to get back into the side when they are 100% but the question mark over Vertonghen is the more straightforward.

In 2012-13, the Belgian proved to be one of the signings of the season and ended the campaign with plenty of recognition from both inside and outside of the club. Now, in his absence, Vlad Chiriches look like an Identikit version – supremely calm on the ball while providing the occasional threat up front.

Both men are left sided players so who gives way when Jan is ready to reclaim his place in the side? Of course, there is the option to switch Vertonghen to left back but we all know how the player feels about that.

It does seem that Chriches and Vertonghen both have to be accommodated. Do you agree with that conclusion and if so, how does Tim Sherwood do it?




  1. You must be joking!!
    There is no doubt that Vertonghen and Chiriches should play and rubbish Daws should be benched. He is way to slow and has been saved a bunch of times by Chiriches and other players on the pitch. Keep Daws on the bench rest of the season if Vertonghen/Chiriches is fit and then PLEASE sell him!

    • >”I don’t think they would form a good partnership.”

      How do you know ????? This pairing hasn’t been properly tested before ! It should be experimented with, at least for a few games against “lower” opposition (ie. Swansea, Stoke, Norwich etc.) to see how they play together…Totally speculative comment !!




    with dembele having the occasional start/impact sub for paulinho depending who we are playing

    shit where does that leave eriksen???

    what a dilemma!!

  3. I believe Chiriches is right footed, but I agree Dawson has to be benched. Way too slow and it’s a massive game against City next Wednesday.

  4. Dawson is WAY TOO SLOW. Chiriches is way better. Vert and Vlad for CB’s. Rose can also be a liability – very inconsistant.
    Would love the return of Kaboul. Honestly think our best back-line would be
    Walker Kaboul Vertonghen Chiriches (yes at LB)
    Lamela Dembele Paulinho Eriksen

  5. With this team the likes of Lennon, Townsend, Sandro, Rose, Dawson can all fit in when neede, Nevermind Bentaleb, Siggy, Holtby, Naughton, Capoue for depth.

    We have a good squad but field the wrong players

  6. Don’t change a winning team unless there r droppable players, what have Dawson an chadli done?? F all .
    Walker. Rose
    Vertonghn chiricehs
    Eriksen. Dembelle
    Lennon. Townsend

  7. It might be obvious to everyone however I’m slightly concerned that TS has come out this week saying that he wants a British core to the team. I really hope he doesn’t use this not to obviously play our strongest CB pairing. Daws, bless’em was destroyed my all the top teams…and more even not so top teams…another acid paper test for TS. He’s going to have a lot of them in the next few months including how he manages the ‘squad’ and how he rotates to keep people fresh and motivated for the run in. He’s never had to do that before!

  8. some very good points here, it’s hard to disagree with the changes suggested, however I believe that TS is trying to get as settled a team as possible (who would have expected and unchanged team after being outplayed by Arsenal?) I expect the same team that played Swansea with returning players starting on the bench. While he keeps winning it’s hard to criticise.

  9. Be intersting to see if verts and vlad can play together, centre backs favour one side just like full backs and verts and vlad play the left cb which means daws plays. Without kabs out we may need a top right sided cb to partner verts or vlad. I think vlad can play on the right side at a push but we will need a big aerial competent cb before long so why not look to get cover in january especially if capoue goes too.

  10. Can’t believe people are selecting Lamella ahead of Lennon. Never mind the price tag have you been watching!!
    We need left back cover for Rose and play Vertongen every time if fit. A fit Kaboul with Vertongen would be my first choice central defence. Left back is the area we need to strengthen would like Shaw from Southampton. Walker, Kaboul Vertongen, Shaw sounds formidable.

      • Didn’t Man Utd show interest in Bale at time he came to us? Shaw is probably too costly after our summer spend but if he wants to go there I hope he fits in with the special one or he’s on the rotation bench.

    • a fit Kaboul is without doubt a better choice than Dawson and Chiriches. Dawson is to slow and Chiriches gets caught on the ball to often. does not know when to hoof the ball upfield and when to play it out of defence. he has been lucky at times when caught on the ball that has not resulted in goals. Man City wont be so generous. COYS

  11. Vertonghen has to play he is class composed and hopefully has a turn of speed still that exceeds Dawson. We are weak at left back and need someone established not Danny Rose. Sell Dawson and Kaboul and bring in onecentral defender.
    Sell Sigurdson and Holtby and buy Bernard
    Defoe to go and buys Ings and develop him and buy another experienced striker
    That is five out and four in with increas i n quality and experience and one for the future

  12. Dawson must give way; what on earth was AVB thinking playing that high line, with Daws, against Liverpuds. Suarez made mincemeat of him.

  13. Lloris
    Walker Chiriches Vertonghen Rose
    Sandro Dembele
    Lennon Paulinho Ericksen
    If Paulhino is not fit enough start with Benteleb in Debele’s position and push Dembele forward. Once we have won the midfield battle you can always bring on Lamela / Townsend in the second half and move ericksen more centrally or even Soldado if we need more goal threat.

  14. i personally think we looked at our best under sherwood away at swansea in a 433..

    Walker Chiriches Vertonghen Rose
    Sandro Dembele/Paulinho
    Lamela Lennon/Townsend
    possibly looking to sign a left back..
    and dont slate me about lamela, he will come good just needs to be given a chance regardless of his form..

  15. Vert to come in for Dawson if he’s ready for 90 minutes.
    Dawson on the bench as we’ll require leadership qualities in and around the match day squad

  16. Yes agree with most of what has been said. Not sure about selling Kaboul had a nightmare against city along with most others but was clearly not fit. He is fast and powerful in central position and good in the air. Don’t know how his injuries have affected him but wouldn’t sell him yet, still think he deserves another chance.

  17. Let’s but Alderwierld (sp). He’s making noises about wanting out of Athletico. Pair him up with Vertonghen and Eriksen in front of them, from the Ajax title winning side. Will Kaboul ever be fit?

  18. No selection problem with jan vertonghen!
    He is currently one of the best centre backs in the world and should be the first name on the team sheet

  19. Vlad and Jan should play, Daws is poor player, he ruined every offside trap that we tried to make. Also, he is just too slow.

  20. Agree with the consensus, Vertonghen has to play, he’s our best defender if not our best player full stop. I would also drop Dawson. That should sort out our problems against pacey passing and through balls, but we may lose something in the air.


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