As most of us expected, Spurs have appealed against the red card issued to Younes Kaboul during Saturday’s defeat at Stamford Bridge but has this been done more in hope than expectation? The French international was sent off following a second half challenge on Samuel Eto’o and his absence led to chaos amongst the defence.

Danny Rose saw red in outrageous circumstances against Manchester City earlier this season so it was no surprise to see a similar decision go against us while playing the league leaders. Danny’s sending off was ridiculous but is Younes’ just as clear cut?

If the decision is upheld then we could be down to five fit defenders for Thursday against Benfica and then just four for Sunday in the North London Derby. Kyle Walker, Kyle Naughton, Zeki Fryers and Jan Vertonghen would hardly be anyone’s first choice so we would surely all hope this is overturned.




  1. Eto should be shown a yellow card.If that was Bale it would of been yellow for sure. These decisions always seem to go in favour of the top clubs. Players are paid a fortune to roll around crying on the field ,it is a pity the game has come to this and only the referees can stop this.There is really no interest in a game when players are sent off for soft fouls and 11 are playing against 10 players. Overall the refereeing decisions are very poor. am sure technology will give supporters the correct decisions.

  2. Anywhere near as clearcut? Are you sure? Kabouls was far more clear cut, than roses, not a pen, not a sending off. Eto hardly touched gave a triple axle and pike! its him who should be banned! when are our rulers going to change this nonsense, a defender blows at the attacker in the box, then its a pen and sending off. The pundits are as bad looking into the slo mows trying to find any little thing to back this nonsense up, no diving is not good attacking play its cheating

  3. If it isn’t overturned we will be in real trouble this weekend and should prepare for another top 4 team running all over us. It was a dive make no mistake but we have been let down by the FA before so no point holding our breath for a good outcome. Also has to be pointed out that he shouldn’t have even been on the pitch for the Chelsea game what was Tim thinking starting with 5 defenders and leaving all our attacking talent on the bench he showed total fear in that game so who knows wot he will put out on the pitch come Sunday we will probably start with the under 12s for the first half total joke. We have plenty of wingers and attacking midfield players so why was Lennon playing behind Ade and Walker playing on the wing. It doesn’t make sense at all stop messing with the defence Tim teams need stability at the back to win anything REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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