When we last looked at the sack race betting in the wake of the Norwich defeat, Tim Sherwood was an outside bet at 16/1 to be the next Premiership manager to lose his job. Three games later and that figure has shortened considerably.

It’s hard to know what to feel after the most recent matches. Prior to the Norwich defeat Tottenham had demolished an admittedly poor Newcastle side and while Emmanuel Adebayor’s goals had carried the team to some extent, fourth place was still a possibility.

Four games later and many of us can’t wait for this season to be over. With the FA Cup final set to provide one Europa League slot, qualification for that competition is now looking doubtful – assuming we even want it.

As for Sherwood, his honesty is admirable and he could do grow to be a decent manager somewhere but at present, is he just a coach out of his depth or is he being seriously let down by his players?

Currently, Tim is at a best of 8/1 with Stan James to be the next to leave and if you do enjoy a punt, that could be worth considering.



  1. Its a dead cert!!! After last nights shower of s**t, our season is now over…. like every year we do a freddie mercury in which we get shafted and fade away…

  2. Your a spurs fan right????producing a story about his sack odds shortening on a Tottenham blog.pure magic.well done dickhead.the bloke was on a hiding to nothing taking the job on and nobody,media,tabloids,club or fans has given him an inch.it’s appalling how he’s being persecuted for what’s happening.LEVY sacked AVB,LEVY put Tim in charge.did you really expect him to get us challenging???it was damage limitation,never was it going to be a fucking tilt at the title.I may be a lone voice,but I would like to see tim there come August.if he hasn’t had enough of us that is.

  3. I know how the media in this country works. Its starts here, the rumblings on the boards. However, this is not news anymore. Sherwood is a decent enough placeholder, but I think Levy has one more go at a big name before they start the rebuilding process all over again. Honestly, I would like to blow it up and start over.


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