When the end of term report comes out on Tottenham’s seven summer signings it will make for mixed reading but one player whose quality has been in evidence for much of the campaign is Christian Eriksen. Erik Lamela, Roberto Soldado, Nacer Chadli, Paulinho, Vlad Chiriches and Etienne Capoue have all struggled to make an impact for one reason or another and while the Dane may have experienced a slow start, he has rapidly become a favourite with fans.

So it’s even more surprising that the midfielder was left out of three consecutive Premier League starting XI’s, a decision that was questioned by many, including the Danish National Coach Morten Olsen.

“Was it a surprise to see him left out? Yes, very much,” Olsen told the Evening Standard at the end of February.

“When Christian has played he has shown he is a player who can make the difference. I’ve seen most of his games for Tottenham and I think he has done very well.”

Olsen underlines a crucial factor in Eriksen’s make up – when he plays he is a ‘game changer’, Whether it’s directly from a free kick or a brilliant pass that no-one on the pitch could see – two pieces of his armoury that were played out to full effect against Dnipro.

Years ago, when I had a season ticket in the Upper West Stand, you could watch the game from the best possible vantage point and see every pass that the players were meant to play. Few actually saw it themselves but two notable exceptions – Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle – could spot those options together with the ones that no spectator could see. Christian Eriksen is the same – gliding around the pitch in his distinctive Nike Magista boots, looking every inch a superstar in waiting.

It’s hard to believe that the Ajax man has only just turned 22 as he plays with such maturity on the pitch. A prematurely receding hairline also adds to the illusion of advancing years and he’s achieved much in the game in a short space of time including five major trophies in Holland along with a host of individual awards. The pinnacle of those individual achievements are two Danish Footballer of the year titles.

In the weeks that follow there will be much speculation over who will be in charge of the team affairs for the start of next season but whoever takes the hot seat would do well to build their side around this man. A new coach such as a Van Gaal or a Prandelli could have implications for all seven signings but while Capoue, Chadli and Lamela may be especially vulnerable, anyone can see the benefit of having a fit Christian Eriksen in the side.

Fortunately, there have been few comparisons with Gareth Bale, although the Dane has been shunted out to the left wing on more than one occasion. Eriksen feels his best place is in a free, central role behind the attackers and there are more similarities to two more former Spurs – Luka Modric and Rafael Van De Vaart – both of whom haven’t been adequately replaced.

I genuinely believe that Tom Carroll could grow to provide the same slide rule passes that Modric once delivered, as long as he is given a chance in the side. As for Eriksen, the VDV role behind the front men seems an ideal slot and should bring more assists and more goals.

He clearly likes winning trophies but can he achieve success with Spurs? Christian would have gone up in the estimation of many fans when he said that his future didn’t depend on a top four finish this season. While Hugo Lloris and Jan Vertonghen were almost deliberately ambiguous, the Danish international was clear on the subject.

“I don’t know how other guys are thinking, but I’m happy where I am, and hopefully we’ll get to the Champions League anyway,” he said.

In two to three years’ time however, that opinion may have changed and the cynical amongst us would suggest that Daniel Levy is already working out how many times he can multiply Eriksen’s £11m transfer fee when Real Madrid come calling.

Whether you feel that we are wrong to expect or even hope for Champions League football, the truth is that we stand a better chance of achieving that by attracting and holding on to players such as Christian Eriksen who should become the focal point of our next league campaign.



  1. Hes our star player for sure, look forward to seeing next yearsbteam built around him… im sure lamela will come good though and soldado in the right formation!!! Why does sherwood always remind you of uncle nobhead!!! Theres one in every family….

    • He has no qualifications or badges!!! I have a blue peter badge and thats more then he has!!! Uncle nob head he remains and hes gone come the end of the season!! Hes not the man for the job!!

      • Why this obsession with qualifications? AVB, RAMOS,JOL , SANTINI had more bits of paper than you could shake a stick at – how did THAT improve them and help our Club?

    • This “experience” is clearly not showing on the pitch!! An experienced football coach would not pull off the beast and leave a slow clueless 19-yr old to shield the back four. An experienced football coach would not pull off our only creative force, and leave a immature 19-yr old to take the game to the old enemy.

      So!! If this is what experience does???? Give me a green horn every day of the week! and twice on a sunday

      • Is that the same ‘beast’ who was yellow carded early in the first and then got rewarned by the Ref for yet another foul? Sandro was walking the tightrope and HAD to be subbed. IMVHO it was bloody good experience of an ex combative midfielder to make that call.

  2. build the team round erikson is spot on
    young bentaleb looks the part-convert him to l back?
    get rid of naughton rose capoue chadli townsend dawson
    go for shaw or even ashley cole–must sort out the defence first and foremost

    • I wouldn’t sell any of the 7 new signings from last summer, except maybe for capoue (as we have the emerging bentaleb now) they are all able squad players/injury backups. Selling would be: sigurdsson, rose, Lennon, capoue, Livermore and gomes (~£45m). We need to improve the remaining players with a left back, a left winger, a striker and another (fit) centre back. Gk: Lloris, Friedel. Lb: Fryers + new 1st teamer. Cb: chiriches, kaboul, vertonghen, Dawson +1 more fit CB. Rb: Walker, Naughton. LW: chadli + new 1st teamer. Cdm: Sandro, paulinho, bentaleb. Cam: Eriksen, dembele. RW: townsend + new 1st teamer. Att: adebayor, soldado, Kane, + new 1st teamer.

  3. I like this article.Eriksen is a great signing and is definitely better in the VDV type of role. He also reminds me of JImmy Greaves. I very much hope that Loris stays but who knows. Soldado must be given more time. I think that he will improve next season. I would very much like to see what Lamela can do before I make any judgements about him.

  4. Certainly agree Eriksen is our best signing but sadly that is not much of a compliment.Sherwood asks for patience but we have been exactly that for twenty years,Levy has made so many mistakes AVB a failure at big spending Chelsea why should he succeed at WHL crazy appointment and I believe Sherwood is the same tactically lacking.Not helped by the waste of the Bale money on mostly poor players.
    We have lost Modric Bale VDV and replaced them with these misfits someone should take respossability for these signings and resign.Should have given the job to Hoddle the best English manager for ages and it is not too late.

  5. Eriksens awesome…article is cock on!! COYS!! Next season hopefully robbie..erik…andros will find their feet in the starting 11…ee got the wuality…we just need them fit and played regularly in their proper postions…wed have a very pacey and lethal team.

  6. Great article! I believe we should invest in British proven players this summer, Richards, Hart and Shaw. And a world-class striker please as ade and bobby need competition for their places and it would give us the option of playing 2 up top. Reckon 50 million should get us that wish list and knowing Levy’s astuteness we will probably get that back off loading the players that are either useless or just don’t have the passion or pride to wear the badge!

  7. Christian is a good re-start. I watched him in Axaj and know this kid’s got talent, and an eye for the pass however I could never really see him as our current 10. He looks more like a drifter to me, but sad as it may sound, looks a bit isolated up top with the striker the way our team is shaped. right? an isolated 10 makes no sense, but thats what he looks like to me. especially without a player like modric finding him so he can make that special pass. our wingers seem to spray the ball more than cross it, so i don’t see why we can’t also try to mix up our attack with christian an also go narrow with soldado when the time calls for it… but oh yeah, that brings me back to the wingers who can’t cross, who are even worst at cutting in to collect a pass from soldado to try to put on frame. being a tactical manager is so easy from the comforts of my sofa. but from the view of my hidef television, i can see christian puts himself in good positions to collect the ball, but he either doesn’t get it, or there is no man who is making the run to beat the trap. wasted year. I have no doubts he could collect 10 assists a year consistently with more tactical players.

    • I agree our players need to mix up their play and support their team mates in attacking. Sometimes they get the ball in the final third and get a nose bleed and just want to get rid of it and play the ball backwards??? Rose needs to go, hes had time to blossom and done nothing…

  8. @Allardyce Not sure I agree thereabout the wingers that can cross. We often have loads of crosses rolling past the goalie with no-one to slot them in. To me our problem in a lack of cohesion and that we are entirely predictable. We have good players but seem to be kittens in the final third. How often have we scored a goal due to a defense splitting pass – not once. All teams defend in a line against a pass from the wing and usually outnumber the attackers, they stagger this formation against a team that can come at them from either the front with one/twos, give and goes etc. If we are less predictable the opposition teams make mistakes and we score more goals. We had two creative players at the start of the season why have we lost one?

    • @ColinSC we can agree to disagree here as I do respect your comments (but only when you take into account yesterday’s flattery). haha. i haven’t witnessed that many crosses fly like arrows shot across the oppositions box like that in a long time… maybe ever… oh wait, i sometimes dream of a perfect Lennon cross. Still, in my pessimistic pundit’s view it hasn’t always been consistent, and they haven’t always been there. this is not just friendly fire. unless of course you count all the images of a maddening array of failed crosses burned into my memory. in addition to this, am i not the only one to see the brilliant winger runs getting into great positions on the edge of the box or on the line, only to see Soldado’s who’s gotten into a great position through his movement fail to deliver the cut back cross. and not just fail but get kicked wildly somewhere into the nether like my poor cat who now just wishes i can kick the habit of football weekend. perhaps i do this debate with you unfairly as my blood pressure is still effecting my recollection of actual qualities our wingers may or may not possess.

      • Danny Rose is absolutely priceless:):) He is so useless he does not even recognise his own limitations. THEN….he calls for better quality from the team??? The boy suffers from delusions of adequacy!!!



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