Today’s link with Danny Ings is being reported as a ‘shock’ by some websites but it isn’t the first time this has appeared. Earlier in 2014, the striker was being touted as a possible January purchase to replace the outgoing Jermain Defoe but as we know, there were no dealings at all in the winter window.

The futures of Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado will be called into question over the coming months but it would surprise nobody if those two remained in the squad ahead of the 2014-15 campaign. That would leave Harry Kane and a new signing to battle for the third striker berth but can Ings make the step up?

He could well be in the Premiership next season with Burnley after firing 25 goals in their current campaign. If his current side do go up then it seems more likely that Premier League clubs will take a look at him at the top level before making a move.

Meanwhile Jordan Rhodes, who has a much better record than Ings in his struggling Blackburn team, doesn’t get a mention but he has better credentials for a career in the Premiership.

Of course, we’d all prefer a Damiao or a Hulk but if Spurs were to drop down a division in their search for a new centre forward, are either of those two Championship players worth a punt?



    • Can you pls shut up. All I ever see from you is “8 signings for spurs”, all of which are absolute dream purchases that can only be completed if bankrolled by opal money like Man City. Yes, I’d love to see Hulk at the club, but that won’t happen. Hernández, Milner and Moreno are good options, all 3 of whom are within reach and would be beneficial to us as a club.

  1. Anything is better than kane!! Hes not quite doing it!! He played last week and wanted to lay the ball off rather than take the shot!! Would prefer remy as would b a good price and has pace!! Could get him for tem mill and ings or rhodes as being english would also cost that!!! If not more??? Plus tested in premiership unlike others. If we play a 4. 3. 3 system then he could fit into that also!! Lets get lascelles and schmiecal also to push the rest of the squad.

    • Add in milner, a quality left back and greek winger konoplonker!! We could have the squad to contend a top four!! A few out like capoue and chadli. Retain lloris and verts along with soldado and lamela playing well we do stand a chance……coys get a quality manager n our stadium being built…..

  2. I don’t really see much reason to buy a 21 year old England U-21 international when we already have one that is a year younger. Kane has been highly rated by every manager since he’s joined the first team so those that say he’s shite, don’t you think Redknapp, AVB and Sherwood might know a little bit more than you? Just a suggestion! We’d be better off going all in for Lukaku or Benteke if we are going for youth to replace Defoe or Remy if we want experience. The article makes a good point that prem teams will look at ings in the top league first to see if he’s not just a big fish in a small pond

    • Kane doesnt look like a finisher in the premiership yet!! Reserves is a big difference and if Harry rated him highly why did he not take him as one of his four strikers he got in january? Avb knew jack shit apart from stats n power charts and look where that got us!! With uncle nobhead in charge of us now and a team thats misjointed and clearly misguided…

  3. Depends on what formation we plan to play next year, then again that depends on who the manager will be next year.

    If its one up top then we need Benteke and/or Remy.

    I’d be happy to take a punt on him, if we are looking for a 3rd choice striker. We should be able to get our money back if he doesn’t pan out.

  4. All I can say is YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!! This lad will score goals at any level top finisher and great awareness in and around the box. We need to replace Defoe and this lad is ready made yes he may cost around the 12 million mark but he is worth it. If we don’t go in for him another prem club will and in a couple seasons we will be after him once he’s proven and we will have to pay somewhere in the 30 million area if not more. He will be top level in a season or two and working with Ade and Soldado will only make him better so its a no brainier GO GET HIM COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. No no no no. The gap between Prem and Champs is just too big I’m afraid. Ings is a fine player but only a massively detailed evaluation could determine whether he could be a top 4 player. Spurs need people who might be top 4 players. I suspect Soldado will improve but I have to agree with someone who mentioned Remy. Defenders are also needed. Vlad is top class but we need three others on that level. Iago Falque is a fine technical player; I wonder if he could help in midfield and will be interesting to watch Holtby’s next few games.

    • It was me who suggested Remy hes quality… i agree chiriches once fit is gonna be a fantastic defender, whos quick and can pass n run with the ball!! I reckon a young centre back to learn from dawson in reserves!! Would b able to fill in for verts, kaboul and cirichres when needed n play them in the cup games!!@ lascelles is ideal but hes just signed a new contract….

  6. Maybe we should just get a veteran 10 and a decent striker of the Remy type. NO need for an overhaul like last year. Look what good that did us.


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