Like most, if not all of our summer signings, it’s been a difficult first season at White Hart Lane for Paulinho and after a period out of the side, the midfielder has admitted that not everything is going to plan.

“I always want to play,” Paulinho said. “I understand the team rotation because that’s how it works here, but I am not feeling well or comfortable. I want to be present, I want to play.

“The language is the most complicated thing as I am lazy about studying. I am learning little by little, but I don’t understand everything.

“The football language is easier, that’s not a problem on the pitch.”

Those remarks are no more inflammatory than they would be from any other player who has faced a frustrating spell on the sidelines. However, it does appear that Tim Sherwood doesn’t fancy the Brazilianand even though that might be irrelevant come the start of next season, how do you rate Paulinho’s impact in this campaign?




    • ABSOLUTELY. an established run-on player in the Brazil national team. Rated 3rd best at Confed Cup. And he can’t even get into an under-performing Spurs team before a 19-yr old clueless kid??? PAULINHO IN….SHITWOOD FK OFF:(

  1. Sherwood has to go, paulihno must stay world class plus i dont want to see Rose in a Spurs shirt ever again bring back Benny class above idiot Rose

  2. I really couldn’t give a toss anymore. He lools dogshit plays dogshit in fact no wonder he’s on the bench the him sherwood and the rest of them shockers can all piss off! Get rid of the lot. I’m done what a shamble of nothingness this is. Oh and levy can piss off too! Idiotic clown!

  3. Sherwood OUT ,Paulinho IN.
    Watch Paulinho star and win the world cup with Brazil but befor that watch Sherwood and his favourites being Rose,Naughton and Bentaleb lose out to Manchester United for sixth place.
    Wake up – this guy is a idiot and if nothing is done soon it will be a crisis with top players wanting to leave.NO I DO NOT BLAME THE PROS.they have no chance when you keep playing the above three “kids” week in,week out.

  4. As long as we get good money for him I would replace him with someone like Freddy Guarin or Fabian Delph whos can do the box to box role and whos less maintenance. I never thought Paulinho was the big signing we needed, we needed a playmaker someone who could dictate from deep and had a range of passing, basically with that money we should of scanned the earth for another Modric,and its not to late ,it just takes some vision from our recruitment team. Also I would love Lennon to go.Some will argue he’s not that bad,but let him be not that bad elsewhere! There are better right winger across the world on less wages at lower clubs then this guy .as Rafa would say thats a fact! Times up for him we’ve seen it all .I like the idea of a swap deal with Chicharito who is a EPL version of Soldado(pace, movement, aggression.) He’s not the finished article but he hasnt had the chance to be.

  5. It’s a no brainer – Sherwood has to go. He just doesn’t have the experience and can’t man manage. And he seems to have an attitude problem to life in general.

  6. Paulinho has not had one good game all season bit that’s not saying Much as most of the ream have been shit. I would let him go aswell as vertongen who looks like he lost interest a long time ago plus rose.capoue.chadli. and Loris will jump ship I hope levy goes with them . Bring back hoddle he makes so much sense when he talks about tactics movement formations apart from Rogers I’ve seen no one else talk like that . But it will never happen another foreigner will turn up and the same old shit will happen again . Let’s pray for hoddle in my opinion and give Him time like Rogers has had .

  7. Time for Sherwood to go. he has no football head. He played as a battering ram and he thinks he can manage like one. Who in their right mind would leave Paulinho out when he is fit ? If he is not playing well it is down to the way the team are st up. Defence… God what are they like ? Naughton, Rose and Daws championship players at best.
    Get rid of manager and that will restore belief in players who just have no respect for the this loud mouth crass man at the helm.

  8. sherwood out along with paulinho rose naughton kaboul dawson lennon soldado capoue, bring in van gaal who knows his stuff hopefully he will bring some of his dutch players in who are proper footballers all comfortable on the ball.

  9. the thing is rose and naughton are not kids anymore bentaleb has a chance to learn the others never will. tim out but paulino out too. dont want any player that wont give his all for the shirt.

    • Spurs, based on revenue, is correctly placed at 6th in the league. Spurs will never be a top club until it increases it’s revenue. That’s the only way it can pay the wages the really top players want.

      Unfortunately Football is all about money these days. That’s why Man City are a top club and the likes of Fulham will always be also rans. The days of a Burnley, or Ipswich, winning the title are long gone, unfortunately.

  10. Sherwood was always the caretaker in my opinion and he’ll be gone in 6 games, if not sooner. Why Levy didn’t get Hoddle in on a temporary basis till the end of the season is beyond me!! He’s not the long-term solution, but with an experienced manager like that, we’d probably be sitting comfortably in 4th and still in the EL too!! Look what Chelsea did a few years back when they got in Hiddink, then later De Matteo and then Benitez – all had experience and all of them steadied the ship and finished the season strongly!! Our board are a joke!!

    Always liked Sherwood, but his ego’s gotten the better of him and he’s been out of his depth since day one. We need to get back Caulker back from Cardiff, recall Benny and Carroll and say goodbye to the likes of Naughton, Rose, Siggy, Lennon and Townsend (yes, even Andros, unless someone can coach him properly!!). Vertonghen is class, but with his attitude like it is, he might be off too. Up front, we should stick with Bob and Adebayor, but seriously up the ante for a decent 3rd forward, as Kane is nowhere near the standard we need and Bob simply cannot play as a single forward.

    With young talent like Fryers, Veljkovic, Carroll, Lamela, Ericksen and Bentaleb in the squad, the future looks promising, but we’ve got to cut our losses with the more senior players who just haven’t done it. An experienced new CB, winger and striker to supplement the spine we already have is surely enough to achieve at least 4th and a good cup run next season?????

  11. At last the majority of Spurs supporters are seeing Sherwood for what he is -a CHANCER- he talks a good game but he certainly cannot coach or manager REALLY.He got his present position by stealth – he undermined his then boss AVB by brown-nosing Levy and now he and Levy are paying the price for their duplicitous behaviour. As well as we Spurs fans.Levy .cannot or will not go so the only answer is Sherwood MUST go- THE SOONER THE BETTER- before he alienates any more of the present playing staff.

  12. Hopefully Paulinho will stay, I think he will become good. Also believe lamella could come good given a chance and under the right manager.

    Get that gooner prick Sherwood out asap please!!!!, he hasn`t got a clue.. Out along with Rose, Naughton, Kaboul, Dawson, Lennon, Capoue,

    • agree with all the players you want out think paulinho wants out along with vertonghen think van gaal if he comes will bring in a few dutch players fingers crossed anyway

  13. It’s funny that every tottenham fan can see that it’s the same players at fault every game. Rose,Dawson & Naughton.. What a terrible bunch they are!
    Lennon, vertonghen , rose , Naughton ,Dawson can all go and play in the lower leagues & I’d love to see Benny back with Luke shaw fighting for the spot. I’d play Vlad right back instead of Naughton. I’d play Dembele & Sandro as the 2 centre midfielders with a recalled holtby as the no.10.. Eriksen where he’s been all season coming in off the left but if konoplynyanka is signed eriksen could be no.10 instead of holtby. Townsend with a decent manager will flourish but to play alongside soldado it’s gotta be benteke or lukaku

  14. Paulinho is as bad as the rest of them. They are all footballing mercenaries who don’t give a toss about the club because they won’t stay long. Paulinho is playing at 70 per cent because he’s saving himself for the world cup. The rest are either crap or don’t give a crap. Witness Erikssen not chasing back against Liverpool. The only one who gives a crap is Daws who sadly is too slow.


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