5-1 result a welcome distraction

Monday was a strange day with those infamous ‘Sky Sources’ breaking the supposed news that Tim Sherwood would be sacked in the summer. It’s a story that most supporters expected to come to fruition ever since our former midfielder was handed a brief, 18 month contract to manage the side from December.

By 8pm, it was actually a welcome distraction to see Spurs on the pitch – something that’s been hard to say for much of the campaign – and despite conceding a shocking opener, it was ultimately an entertaining win with some positives to come out of it.

Kane and Adebayor up front looked as sharp as anything we’ve seen this season and Harry’s goal, together with his turn and shot for the fourth was great to watch. Christian Eriksen pulled the strings behind the attack as always and whoever does come in, there were some encouraging pointers.

All of this had to be put into context as the 5-1 victory came against the bottom club but the current head coach was happy enough.

“I thought we were fantastic and I’m delighted for the players and the fans, it’s been a great night for us,” said Sherwood on the club’s official website.

“We had the setback of giving the goal away but we bounced back well.

“The front three were fluid, we moved the ball around well, controlled the game and could have scored more goals.

“It could have been a sticky game for us. They never give up, but we dominated from start to finish.”

The win takes us back into sixth, two points ahead of Manchester United and next up is a trip to the Hawthorns to face an improving West Brom side on Saturday.


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15 Responses

  1. mr says:

    still we have 5 games to win. must win. even if we don’t really want lower level euro football.
    Sherwood at norwich would be much better for him. us? we’ve got to win.

  2. mr says:

    according to the times, most of our goals bounced in off us unawares!

  3. TONY says:


    • FatherJack says:

      I think the defense needs the biggest haul, too many times we concede first from errors. If we don’t show signs of improvement defensively, Lloris may go, must be hard for him to concede time after time becuase of the guys in front of him.

  4. FatherJack says:

    Sky Sports News really didn’t want to back down with their news even thought the club had released a statement denying it. As the yellow Breaking News bar scrolled with the club statement the presenter was still talking about it like it was going to happen. True or not, Sky Sports News came across as some tabloid newspaer. Is this where Piers Morgan has come to stay from America?

  5. spurgatso says:

    Well lets sack him then,the manager with the highest win percentage of ALL Spurs premier league managers !!Why not, just as he’s beginning to get results from a very disparate bunch of players.Lets get a bloke in, who’s not doing a brilliant jobas national manager and wants out,has no knowledge of the EPL.Yup sounds like Spurs and their crap,whinging,never satisfied fans,who,for some reason Levy seems terrified of.I hope he stays,not least to piss off the aformentioned boo boys.

    • David says:

      So who employed all these “Not fit for purpose” managers? Who sold Berbatov and bought Bent. Who sold Modric, VDVaart and Bale and bought Soldado, Chadli and Capoue? That’s the bloke that needs sacking, Mr Lewis.

  6. steve says:

    Any manager who continues to pick the totally useless lennon a footballer who doesnt have a clue how to kick a ball correctly must be sacked.

    • IstillluvKing says:

      He hasn’t had a great season, I wll give you and all the ‘we boo Lennon’ boys that. But last night he played as the Lennon I have grown to like (not love). But young’ish, English and fast. Come on, we have to keep him.

      In Levy (and a new stadium) we trust.


  7. gav says:

    Levy, lewis and enic will stay for a long time and like it or not oir club is in a good healthy financial situation unlike a lot of other clubs in thepremiere league!! Pundits and fans have picked holes in our teams this year and branded us 100million pound flops!! Now ciriches is looking good again now back from injury, paulinho has class and will come good along with soldado and lamela. Eriksen is pure class and needs to be played centrally. Now this totals to nearly 90million!!! So they are not flops and next season will show there class… the future looks bright without tim nice but dim and baldini..coys get louis van gasl…

    • David T says:

      Totally agree with you gav on the healthy club situation but LVG? I truly believe we should go for Pochetino, I know its only his first season and his English is remarkably limited but he would be able to bring Lalana and Shaw with him as long as Levy give him a hefty summer budget. After that it would be nice to get Lukaku and a Central defender. Maybe a dream but I reckon we could generate £50 mil in sales and carry on with youth promotion. The squad needs balance and I really think Southampton set up that Pochetino uses would appease us football loving spurs. It would be nice to hear what other fans think about Pochetino because I personally have not seen much feed back on him. Please Mr Levy stop going for managers and players with no premiership experience, lets build some foundations and by the time the new stadium is built we will have a champions league team with youth on our side!

      • David T says:

        Oh yeah forgot to add, DO NOT BUY CAULKER BACK!!!!!!!!

      • IstillluvKing says:

        I think Frank de Boer is the man to take us forward.
        Look what he has done at Ajax. Playing the football, we at Tottenham should be playing.
        Being very good at integrating new young talent from a youth set up, that is build on the way the 1. team plays.
        That is the future of the SPURS I want to see. Not backed by oil or gas billionaires.
        The squad looks good apart from a few changes (left back springs to mind). But I see great things for SPURS in the following years.

        In Levy we trust.


      • gav says:

        Pochetinno is a good option as southampton are great to watch play. And thats the way we should play!! Lukaku or remy would be a great addition alomg with shaw and lallana. Coys..

  8. Lilywhites says:

    Did you watch the game??
    Eriksen is OK, but no Modric. Comfortable with the ball, good left foot, some good delivery, good ball control. Still making unforced errors.

    Adebayor. Maybe he should evolve into 10 behind the striker, behaving like RDV, whenever he felt like it. Play too much away from the penalty box. Good to have him back though.

    Chadli is not a central midfielder, not a winger, not a striker. Not sure what he is. Good to have a round as a back up squad player, OK to lose him. Siggy is a more proper midfielder, without question, and without speed. Good to have around as squad player, current utilization is about right.

    Paulinho, given right motivation and coaching, will come good as a B2B player that can nick, pick and tuck. Hope he stays.

    Kaboul is over. He lacks confidence, and is reading the game from bad to worse. Made more mistakes than Dawson, unfortunately. Chricheres is not very stable. But he is new, so cut him some slack, and give him another year as a squad player. Though we need 3 new centrebacks, I will be happy if we get 1 new world class defender, with Caulker back as the other.

    Full Backs are disaster.
    Rose and Naughton should play in Championship to excel. Horrible in defending, passing and crossing, not top 10 team quality for sure. Really made Adam Johnson looked very good.

    What is left? Aaron Lennon. Maybe we can consider him 2nd choice right full back, he defends better than attacking, both aspect better better than Rose, very unfortunately.

    Oh did I forget Kane? 1st league goal? Good for him. I must agree he had some good movement, but only applicable in lower leagues to win, and against Wes Brown and the jokers. How many times did he try to shoot, just for the sake for shooting.

    The only reason we won? Sunderland was horrible, and gave up after 70 mins, and regress further as more goals got in.

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