Etienne Capoue has returned to full training despite claims from Head Coach Tim Sherwood that the French International was unlikely to feature for the club again this season. That prophecy may yet come true but after he came close to being sold in January, the player may be hoping to feature in any of Tottenham’s final three matches.

“I am not sure how far he is away but it is very doubtful whether he will play between now and the end of the season,” Sherwood said earlier this month.

Capoue only arrived from Toulouse in the summer but after an injury hit season, there was talk of him moving on to Napoli amongst other clubs. That came to nothing but after a forgettable season at the Lane for everyone, he may just need these three games to convince an incoming coach that he is worthy of a place in the squad for 2014-15.




    • Selling Dembele instead of Capoue makes no sense.
      Although I would keep Capoue (to challenge Sandro for that one genuine DM spot), Dembele is, and will continue to prove, a force if he’s given more game time alongside Eriksen ie just behind the striker(s). He is unusual in that he’s incredibly hard to dispossess in centre midfield. He simply needs to practice his shooting and passing more, because he certainly has the ability to be a dominant force in midfield. Paulinho (as much I was excited by his arrival and his very early performances) is the guy I’d sell now ..along with Sig and Chadli. Paulinho is a luxury we cannot afford in the team, and whichever position he seems to play he’s mainly ineffectual. Bring in a top left winger and left back, and perhaps another playmaker to cover for (and even play with) Eriksen. That’s all we need. The strikers and defense can stay as they are.

      • Well said Chris!

        I’ve seen Capoue perform for Toulouse and although Ligue 1 is completely different, he is genuine talent and worth to keep around for one more season.

      • Sorry Chris, I like everything in your comments EXCEPT those about Demele. He is certainly a total waste of space at Tottenham. His passing is negative, square or backwards making us too slow going forward. His dribbling, while it may look good at times, he inevitably tries to much, loses the ball which then catches his teammates out of position and the opposition are through on our goal. You yourself have already criticisied on his pathetic shooting so why should we hang on to him?? No he has to go.

  1. What a load of nonsense, just because Sherwood doesn’t fancy the boy it would appear, it does not mean that any in coming manager would feel the same. If Spurs do relieve Sherwood of his managerial roll, Capoue will surely be given a fresh opportunity to show what he is about.

  2. The defence certainly can’t be left as is (Naughton, Rose and Dawson have got to go).Not sure about Kane (I know 3 in 3), and think Soldado is worth another go (we could try playing to his strengths), but can’t help but think we could do with another 1. Lennon apart from the last 3 games or so has been his normal wasteful self, Townsend in my opinion isn’t the answer either (at least Chadli can kick the bloody ball). We will still need a similar amount of players to what was brought in last season, so another year of being told they need time to gel expected. Really hope I’m wrong.

  3. Etienne impressed with his size and speed, but he just doesn’t sense danger and he presents almost zero offensive threat and slows down the attack. Those are my issues with him.

  4. The guy looked good at the start of the season but has barely played all year due to one injury or another (out after the Arsenal game and then again after Newcastle). I actually rate him more than Sandro.


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