Following on from the news of Tim Sherwood’s sacking, there are few surprises in the market for the next Spurs head coach. Mauricio Pochettino is the man getting media focus at the moment and amidst reports that Southampton are looking to seal a new deal for their boss, the Argentine is the current bookies’ favourite at 6/4 with BetVictor.

Frank De Boer maintains his assertion that the club have contacted him and the Ajax boss is second favourite at 3/1 with Stan James. Elsewhere Rafa Benitez’s qualities have been up for discussion on a number of websites and the former Liverpool and Chelsea manager is quoted at 6/1 with William Hill.

Then we come to the list of names that we hope aren’t currently sitting on Daniel Levy’s short list. David Moyes heads that second wave of candidates at 12/1 with Stan James.

One of the most interesting names to appear is that of Thomas Tuchel who is a young manager with an impressive record at unfancied Mainz. Tuchel’s career was laid out in full by the Metro but I couldn’t help thinking of Christian Gross as I read it.

More changes will undoubtedly follow and it is a matter of debate as to how long it will take the club to resolve this. In the meantime, it’s Pochettino in front – for now.




  1. Pochetino will be on a loser from the day one. Fans wont like him, players won’t like him..Since he isnt a big name manager the press will take the mickey a lot easier. Therefore stay away. Benitez is exactly what Spurs need. Look no further.

  2. Breaking News; Spurs are so confident of landing Mauricio Pochettino, they’re already looking for his replacement.

  3. I agree!,, Benitez for me all day.
    I know Benitez`s teams don`t always play the best style of football, but we need some stability more then ever at Spurs now, and we all know Benitez is a proven manager in the prem.
    Why sack AVB to only bring in Pochettino or De Boer?, it just wouldn`t make sense to me.

  4. We don’t need Another Chealsea reject or someone who has never achieved anything in premiership

    We are a laughing stock that only has temperary managers

    • Don’t be a plonker the top managers go to the top teams because they have the top players we need a manager who can work with good players.
      Who do u want then ,mourinho,wenger,pulis or you want a manager from a different continent who doesn’t know the prem and u won’t want Martinez then he hasn’t won anything special why don’t you wake up.

  5. bring in rafa…hell man manage the boys amazingly..worked wonders with torres so i imagine lamela and soldado will benefit and rafa wins things!!…we need a proven manager to crack on and stay!!

  6. Get ya fucking money on De Boer, do not ignore this ad you will regret it. $$$$$ loadsa fucking money $$$$$.

  7. Are you serious about wanting rafa???? No way not a hope boring football fans will be on his back straight away he would be gone by Xmas. Who we should get I don’t know but De Boer or pochettino wouldn’t last either like some1 said earlier why get rid of AVB for either of those 2?? Cant believe no1 has mentioned Simmone he has done a great job in Spain he’s pasionate plays good football and they play as a team. I think he would sort out our bunch of over paid underachieving players.

    • You got more chance of getting a slap then getting simeone, avb and pocch are the opposite like Rodgers and mourinho what u talking about this is not FIFA

  8. I don’t want rafa, don’t like how his teams are set up anyone remember him at Liverpool he had a rotational policy of changing players each week which I don’t want to happen at spurs.pocch all day for me.
    I’ve said it before , if you want to play like Man U you get fergie as manager or if you want to play like arsenal you get wenger,mourinho if you want to play like Chelsea or allardyce if you want to play like Bolton and if you want to play like Southampton you get pocch trust me he’s team played better football than Liverpool and Man City at times with ok players.

  9. I want FdB and failing that Pochettino. I would be happy with Benitez but I’ve never enjoyed watching his teams – and we have to watch every week after all – so would rather the other two.

    Levy wants a project, a young manager with a plan. He fell out with AVB but FdB and Pochettino are different people and I think he wants to try again.


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