If you believe what you read, it would seem that French international striker Loic Remy has agreed a deal in principle to sign for Spurs but that he is holding out for Arsenal to come in and make him an alternative, and presumably better offer.

At least that’s the view of goal.com who suggest that both North London clubs are after the striker following a productive loan spell with Newcastle last season. The 27 year old scored 14 times in 26 league games for the Magpies and while his parent club QPR are now back in the Premier League, it’s clear that Remy wants to be playing at a higher standard.

Reports have claimed a potential move to White Hart Lane for at least three years now. He has proved himself in the Premiership but if this story is correct, the lure of Champions League might just see us lose out.



  1. I think he will add pace and goals alongside soldado, could be a decent pairing with ade as sub!! I hate to say it but its more than likely arsenal will get him other us i am afraid…remy before je joined qpr couldnt be arsed in getting out of bed in london for his newcastle medical??? So just siqned for qpr. If he comes he needs the right attitude, which seems better, but a good addition at a sensible price of 8mill… coys

  2. well if he holds on a bit longer, im sure he’ll get get he’s dream move to le arse, and we will be dodging a major bullit.

  3. If this is true and he’s waiting with an offer from us on the table pull the plug on the deal. Why pander to a good but not great player.
    If he doesn’t see us as a club he wants to be at why bother

  4. How on earth anyone can take remy seriously is beyond me. There’s no doubting his talents but he had the chance to join a prem club two seasons ago and he chose QPR?— No disrespect R’s but come on. what kind of judgment or ambition does this man have? Arse you’re welcome to him….

  5. If he’s really ‘holding out for an Arse move’ then let him go – he’ll be on a loser with Spurs fans from day one.

  6. don’t want him if media reports are proven true and he wants to join the goons… not only that but he had a chance to join us before but opted for QPR’s big money wage. He seems like a mercenary, let him join the goons, he might be good but he’s no better than lukaku or benteke, balotelli and so on, lots of better troublesome footballers out there. anyway i hope we hold on to all our players from last season and see how Poch does with them, if he gets Sodado and Lamela firing, maintains adebayors return to form and also kanes new found form we could be the team we thought we would be last season. It’s a new start and all the players deserve another year, can’t wait for next season, we don’t need too many signings, maybe a new left back and if there’s a top class striker out there get him, hold on to capoue, sandro, dembele, sandro and see what Poch can get out of them. COYS

  7. The only Remy I’d be interested in is for mixing up a nice Vanderbilt –

    Remy Martin, Angostura Bitters, De Kuyper Cherry Brandy, Sugar Syrup

    Much, much easier on the pallet than that lazy mercenary twunt Loic.

  8. I don’t think it’s so much that he wants to join the Woolwich, i think he just wants CL. If you look at the situation from his point of view or through a neutral lens, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what he is doing.


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